Let’s go fly a kite!

This past Sunday was our 3rd time to attend the Zilker Park Kite Festival . It has definitely grown in its popularity over the years, as it is getting to be so crowded out on the fields with lots and lots of spectators roaming around and attempting to fly their kites. But that is not much of a deterring factor from coming back again and again. If anything, more folks just means more fun and so much more to see! But in order to avoid some of the extremely long lines for food and shuttles, we will be planning to get there earlier in the day when we do this next year.

The kites the girls received last year are still in working order, but only Halle wanted to fly one this time. Dee and Gracie seemed more just content watching all the activity in the air. So Halle and Rob got in some great father/daughter moments flying the kites. Halle absolutely loves this and you can see nothing but pure joy on her little face!!!

These last pics of the girls are just when we were hanging out in the very long line waiting for the buses to take us back to our car. They can easily entertain themselves in just about any situation and had just as much fun playing on the trees as they did seeing all the kites.

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