Running with Joy

Today was a great running day!

The temperature was perfect. The sun shone bright in a near cloudless sky. My ipod was playing my favorite songs for speed. But best of all, my girls were right there to cheer me on as I ran by them SIXTEEN times!!

To explain why I am even posting this, I am sure I could write another long-winded post to bring folks up to speed with some new running goals I have; one where I include way too many words and a ton of thoughts that ramble on (but if you like that kind of stuff, don’t worry, I will do all that further down). But for the first part, I’ll just try to limit information to bullet points that share what got me to today’s little running experience. Then you blog skimmers out there can ignore the rest of the post at the end : )

*I now have a crazy dream that I want to run the Boston Marathon
*my first marathon time was 4 hours and 4 minutes
*that (sadly) will be a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon when I am 50 years old!
*I would like to run it before I turn 40 : )
*to do this, my qualifying time needs to be run in 3 hours and 45 minutes (or less)
*that means I have to shave 20 minutes off my fastest marathon (or an hour off my slowest)
*ha! not this year!!
*but to do this someday means I need to train to be faster
*according to lots of guides, faster running can come from speed interval training
*an example of interval training is this. run 400 meters (1/4 mile) 8 times really fast
*I have three kids at home with me all day
*to run daily means I have to run in the morning, in the dark before Rob leaves
*because I need to see my watch, I can’t do speed intervals in the dark – drats!
*so I need a time to do intervals during the day, but how? I have kids with me
*there is a remote part of our neighborhood with 1/2 mile stretches
*I could be comfortable leaving my girls a short distance away from me while I run
*200 meters (1/8 mile) is an OK amount
*perhaps I could take them with me
*let’s see!

So we tried it out and it was a great success! I loaded up the girls with me and had them bring books to look at in the van while I was going to run. They were very OK with this request and then went above and beyond my expectations for their behavior. I wasn’t expecting to have a cheering squad, but boy did I ever!! I clocked out a 200 meter stretch of road. I told the girls they could stay in the van or right by the van on the sidewalk. They opted for the sidewalk and was I suprised that every time I ran by them (twice to make one interval and I had to run 8 intervals today) they cheered like crazy! It was so motivating and the smile on my face must have been huge. These speed intervals are HARD, but with their encouragement, I endured with much joy. I will definitely be trying this out again and again because I am already convinced of the positive effects it should have on training. And I love this time with the girls. Their excitement certainly lifts my spirits and fills my soul.

well that concludes the ‘short’ part of the post
now on to the extra bit of running information…

This is what I am training for. First, there is the Austin Statesman Capital 10K on April 11th. And I’ll let that race result determine the paces I use to train with for the next marathon I do. There are these race time equivalent calculators on the internet that tell me in what time I need to run a race to reach future goals.

For example:
If I want to run a marathon in less than 4 hours (a 9 minute, 9 second mile) then I need to be able to run a 10K in 51 minutes and 8 seconds (an 8 minute, 14 second mile).

And if I want to go to Boston before I am 40 and run a marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes (an 8 minute, 35 second mile), then I need to be able to run a 10K in 47 minutes and 56 seconds (a 7 minute, 43 second mile) ——- (you can see that seconds matter big time!!)

So I am going to shoot for my best, now that I am trying to incorporate speed intervals and tempo runs into my training, and see what happens. Then I’ll use those results to plan for the next marathon that I want to do, which is coming up this October in New Braunfels. It is called ‘chosen: marathon for adoption‘. I am certain that I will not be able to meet even a goal of under 4 hours with this one (because of the heat), but I will still follow a training program that gets me ready. It is for such a great cause that I really want to support, so I will gladly forego my vow of never again attempting a marathon in Texas unless it is winter. I had a really negative experience with marathon #2 this last Nov and I attributed my slow pace and my hitting the ‘wall’ at mile 18 to several factors like high temperatures and a sickness the week prior. But if I want to be able to prepare myself for a race with guaranteed high temperatures (for me, high is anything above 65) I need to quit my whining and learn to just push through the heat and fatigue. Last training, I just kind of did some light la la la running during the week and only followed the program when it came to the weekend long runs. And that was not providing me with enough miles, and hence endurance, to be fully ready. So these next 8 months, I’ll be logging up the miles much more and hopefully increasing my speed. Because to be a better runner, I have to run more. And to be a faster runner, well then, I have to learn to run fast.

And so…
that is what I am going to do!

Thanks to anyone that read through to the end. I don’t have much in the area of running buddies and wish that I did, because I love to talk running and would love to find folks to have fellow encouragement with. I recently was introduced to a new site called the daily mile, so if you become my friend on this, we could motivate each other with our running : ) It is very much like facebook, but for people posting comments about the miles they logged for the day.

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6 Responses to Running with Joy

  1. Nonnie says:

    Hey, all you have to do is hook up with David!!!

  2. Julie M says:

    Yea for you JoAnna! I love that your girls are your cheerleaders!! I only wish we could train along side each other… Boston is a super fun race, and I have confidence that you will make it to Hopkinton!

  3. Anonymous says:

    joanna! that is exactly when i have to run. long runs? i usually have to start around 4am. too bad we don’t live in the same town!

  4. Whitney says:

    of course you always have GREAT, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL neighbors to help watch the kiddos if needed =)

  5. asuh says:

    You will be my hero if you qualify for the Boston – I have that dream, too -but minus the hope of actually accomplishing it. :)

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