Homeschooling with wine

This week we have been reading about Thomas Jefferson and The Declaration of Independence. One of the activities was to make a quill pen and berry ink so students could try and write like the colonists did. The ingredients for the berry ink called for (not surprisingly) crushed berries, which we had none. But I really try to not let a lack of supplies deter me from completing a task. And when I did a mental checklist of other items we had that might work, I came up with jelly and wine (crushed grapes, right!) Well jelly is just way too clumpy, so I went with the wine.

And it worked pretty well.

Halle has not written out her whole name in awhile. So it was interesting to note the way she thought to write her middle name today, with an apostrophe before the backward ‘s.’ I am not concerned or anything : ) I just thought it was a fun thing to observe. And then a fun thing for me to hear was an inquiry Halle made about Thomas Jefferson. She was reading from one of the books we checked out at the library and had wondered about the title ‘secretary of state.’ The word secretary was new to her and she pronounced it [see-krit -er-ee]. But what was so cool about her comprehension of things and her conclusion about a word that had ‘secret’ in it was how she asked if that meant Thomas Jefferson was a spy for George Washington (last week we had been learning about spies that would bring George Washington important information about the British during the Revolutionary War…) I just love how her little brain processes things like that!

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3 Responses to Homeschooling with wine

  1. Nonnie says:

    She’s gotten very phonetic. This past weekend we had discussions about bouQWETS and aches (pronouced like the plural sound of ‘h’ … I think it was during one of our bookreading sessions and she pointed out to me the words I had skipped over!!!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    If you ever have any teetotalers over, you can just tell them you keep wine in the house for homeschooling purposes!!

  3. tiffany says:

    How did you get your picture to look like this????

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