Halle’s Robin Hood Party

The choosing of Halle’s birthday theme each year is always something to look forward to! She has a very imaginative mind and thinks way outside the box with her ideas (part of me thinks she just doesn’t realize there is a box to think inside of!) Anyways, last year she announced that she wanted a school party (that post here) which did require conjuring up some serious cleverness to pull something like that off. And even though we could not find access to the use of a real school bus, she was very satisfied with the outcome; and therefore didn’t hesitate putting her trust in me again for this year’s party. I do love that she has faith in me – because when she decided a Robin Hood party would be her preferred way of celebration, I knew we would once again be faced with a challenge (but a fun challenge!)

Bows and arrows, green hats with feathers, Maid Marian, gold coins, castles, forests… were all parts of this theme that Halle and I started talking about. And with those things to consider, we were able to come up with the makings of a Robin Hood party that she enjoyed!

Lots of green and brown streamers and balloons and a castle/forest mural welcomed the guests when they arrived. And they were able to choose a Robin Hood or Maid Marian hat to help get them in a renaissance mood (I think I made 20 felt green hats and 10 princess hats with toile to make sure we had enough).

The game that was the biggest hit was the one that required kids to stomp on and pop balloons to get out the gold coins hidden inside. It was crazy and super fun – especially because some of the adults that were there had to help pop those very sturdy balloons. The gold coins were then used for another game and sent home as party favors.

The cake was a very simple one; just a round cookie cake decorated like an archery target with some candles that looked like arrows. I had to tell Halle that it would be rather impossible to go with her original idea of having a full-sized little john cake with a sword (sorry Hal…)

And in keeping with the theme and remembering the motto ‘rob from the rich to give to the poor’ Halle and I talked about having her birthday somehow benefit others that were less fortunate than her. We asked that no one bring gifts, but instead (if they felt they just couldn’t come to a kid’s party without something) to give their money to support another ministry out there. It was a sweet thing to see her get excited when folks let her know money was given to purchase toys for Austin Life Care, for Haiti ministries, and also for this refugee apartment the girls and I work at. Halle’s family blesses her so much with their gifts to her, so this wasn’t a complete sacrifice of birthday gifts on her part. But I was so touched that she wanted to go without friend-gifts so that others could receive something instead. Bless her sweet heart!

and you can click here for a link to more pics on Picasa

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2 Responses to Halle’s Robin Hood Party

  1. julespaq says:

    I LOVE that pic of Halle in front of her cake! She shows that sweet smile a lot b/c she genuinely loves life and her friends!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I love your ideas! Where did you find those birthday candles? I have searched all over and I can’t seem to find them!

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