Welcome Puppet Watchers

Our family gave the girls some really great gifts for Christmas this year! And one of them was this totally cool and awesome puppet theatre from their Tia (Rob’s sister). It has been so fun to see their little imaginations at work with ideas for the performances they put on. The first thing Halle wrote on the board was ‘welcome puppet watchers’ – isn’t that clever! It is so Halle to be that literal in her announcement; because if you are watching a puppet show, then you obviously must be considered a ‘puppet watcher’ and in her message, she wanted to welcome them to her show. I so love this gift for them!!

“We don’t need a Wi, we have a puppet theatre!” That was my silly (yet quite sincere) response to some friends of ours when they were questioning “why in the world?” we would ever sell on Craigslist, a Wi that Rob won as a Christmas gift, at his work. But it is true – this is so much better in our minds! And if you don’t think ‘puppetting’ (my word for the act of putting on puppet shows….) requires any sort of endurance or exercise of the body, well… have you seen the part in the movie ‘The Sound of Music’ with their puppet performance? Then you’ll remember that it required much exertion on the part of those von Trapp kids and Maria – it was even exhausting just to watch. So, no, we don’t need a Wi, there is plenty of both physical and mental activity : )

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One Response to Welcome Puppet Watchers

  1. Tia says:

    This post makes me smile– I could not agree with you more. A stage of any sort, one where they have to create their own stories and fun– this is soooo much more than a Wii (and I am not anit-Wii). Maybe I”m biased because it was a gift from me… but I absolutley love this picture, and am looking forward to more. Maybe home movies??


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