one last mention of a holiday song

In the familiar song, ‘Oh Christmas Tree,” the ode was in the tree’s honor. But in the one I am making note of, it is a Christmas tree who gives tribute to Someone much greater. It is always a true joy to listen to this melody from Allen Levi, one of my most favorite singer/songwriters. I wish I could post the actual song for you to hear, but I am not computer savvy enough to figure that out (even though I was a programmer for 8 years…) However, you can always go find it on i-tunes and check it out for yourself (and I highly recommend that you do!)

I so hope you read slowly through these lyrics; I am certain you will enjoy them.
If a tree can grasp the true meaning of Christmas, perhaps this world can too!

Have you ever been so far from home,
somewhere you know you don’t belong?
If so you’ll know the way I feel,
a frazier fir in Florida.

I grew up in the mountain air,
I wish that they had left me there,
but now I’m sitting, who knows where,
a frazier fir in Florida.

My roots are still in Tennessee,
now Vero Beach is home to me,
I miss the smoky mountain frost,
I’m getting weak from car exhaust.

They cut me down, they tied me up,
they put me on a crowded truck,
you can take me home for 30 bucks,
a frazier fir…

I miss my family everyday,
I fear they too were hauled away,
what awful price each year we pay,
they send us down to Florida.

I may feel better in awhile,
if I should see some children smile,
but death seems such a price to pay,
to make somebody’s Christmas day.

A king I’m told, from long ago,
left His home His love to show,
they got some thorns to make a crown,
they did Him wrong, they cut Him down.

I’m told He left a lovely place,
to give away His holy grace,
we trees I’m told will clap our hands,
when here among us He shall stand.

So here I am, I’ll do my best,
to make a lovely winterfest,
I’ll do my part with all the rest,
a frazier fir in Florida.

christmas tree image from shabby princess

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2 Responses to one last mention of a holiday song

  1. Nonnie says:

    I may never look at our tree again in the same way! Although I tell her every day, at least once a day, how beautiful she is and how much I love her ….

  2. tiffany says:

    LOve that song as well!

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