so I married a handy-man

About a year ago I paid tribute to a very special man in this here post, “Rob the Builder .” But a few other noteworty accomplishments have since been completed and, therefore, they are also in need of recognition and praise. So to recap some of the building highlights over the summer and also over the last couple of weeks, here are some additional projects that just add to my already abounding appreciation and admiration for my very own handy-man!

*3 pergolas*

Over the summer, Rob was called upon by three families in our neighborhood to head up the building and discounted material procurement for the pergolas they wanted. It took about 5 solid days of work, but with the helping hands of the benefitting families and several other friends, the work was finished and the results looked great!

The Colllins’

The Pecks’

Side view of the Pecks’ with the Collins’ in the background

The Wrights’

*an 18 foot castle*
*for a summer ministry program at our church*

To get families excited about this event (you can read more here), Rob was again the go-to man to get up and running the project of building a super cool, eye-catching, hard-to-miss castle. He recruited some additional hands and all worked to help create this ‘formidable structure that tells kids that they matter to God.’ Rob was not part of the painting, but seeing the finished prop allows you to see how truly grand it turned out to be!!! And to include a quote on our church’s blog about the need for something like this, read on because I just love these words. “So let me put it a little more simply. If you wonder why we think production value is important to the program, let me ask you this: Did God capture your heart, or did he talk at it? Does God serenade you, or does he leave you in white noise? And if you got a chance every week to give him as a gift to the little ones you loved, how hard would you work on getting them to take the gift? Would you build them a castle to help them be part of the kingdom?”

*new wood floors*
*and a wall addition to close in our office*

With Rob’s new job, he is required to office out of the house when he is not out on the field. That was not a bad thing, except that when we bought our house, the office was completely open and afforded no privacy or quiet place. So to keep to a minimum the distractions of typical day-time family life with three kiddos, he had to hide out in the bedroom. And it became very clear that building a wall to kick keep Rob out of my the bedroom was a must for everyone’s sanity. I did not function well when access to a room I was in and out of often throughout the day was kept off limits. And Rob didn’t function very well either, all cooped up in a small corner of our bedroom with little room to spread out papers and feel organized. After finding a great deal on wood floors on craigslist and then finding a very reasonably priced door, construction on the office could begin. Unlike all the other projects where he had much help, my talents are lacking in the building area and he had to do much work on his own. The biggest part I played was the night he did the floor. I sipped some wine and when he needed a new piece of wood to glue down, then with much alacrity, I passed one his way. Sorry Rob, all you can say about your wife is that you married a wanna-be bread-maker, runner, and money-saver. But together I think we make a great team!!

Thank you again, my dear Rob, for all you do for me and for others!!!

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4 Responses to so I married a handy-man

  1. Denise Moss says:

    The office looks great! I’m so glad you guys have that done!

  2. Nonnie says:

    All I can say is … WOW!!!!

  3. Nicole says:

    I am so impressed!!! My husband can calculate the rate of return on a zero coupon bond, but can’t nail two board together without getting his hand stuck in the middle. :)

  4. ritzvalle says:

    I love that color! I’m about to paint my room in the new house a red and I am having serious issues deciding what red to do. And seriously, a man couldn’t do work like that if he didn’t have something nice to come home too. You’re not so shabby yourself, missy.

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