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disclaimer: no birds were harmed in the making of this card

I love coming up with Christmas card ideas! It is a task I really look forward to and I enjoy setting out to create a holiday greeting that is fun and creative and will hopefully offer its recipients a smile … Continue reading

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my most favorite Christmas devotional

Below is copied from one of Ken Gire’s meditations in his book, ‘Intimate Moments with the Savior.‘ I absolutely adore this and read it several times throughout the Christmas season. I decided to read through it with Halle the other … Continue reading

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one last mention of a holiday song

In the familiar song, ‘Oh Christmas Tree,” the ode was in the tree’s honor. But in the one I am making note of, it is a Christmas tree who gives tribute to Someone much greater. It is always a true … Continue reading

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“I Saw Three Ships” – Another post with a twist on a Christmas song

But in my rendition, it is called “I Heard Three Ships.” Or to remain true to details, I should give the title “My Girls Heard Three Ships.” Because, what happened is that, I actually spoke the word ‘ship’ three times … Continue reading

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borrowing an idea from the ’12 days of Christmas’ song

But in this post, we have… the 12 deals from CVS About two years ago, I learned how to save big time (like rarely needing to pay any of my own money!) on all our toiletries, household items, and even … Continue reading

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so I married a handy-man

About a year ago I paid tribute to a very special man in this here post, “Rob the Builder .” But a few other noteworty accomplishments have since been completed and, therefore, they are also in need of recognition and … Continue reading

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