Father/Daughter Camping

This past weekend we were supposed to have another family camping trip, but I was sick and needed to stay home. It was good how it turned out though, because this allowed Rob to have his first father/daughter camping opportunity. He took the girls out to Emma Long Park which is along the shores of Lake Austin (only about 30 minutes from home). Deric and his daughter Zoe (some neighbors of ours) were also able to come along.

I had asked for LOTS of pictures since I was not going to be there. I wanted pictures to take me through the course of the evening with shots that captured them setting up camp, eating dinner, playing together, roasting marshmallows, settling down in the tent… But I was not so fortunate.

I only saw one camp site picture (and it was from a far and lacking much detail)

camp site
And there was just one evening picture with the girls.

waiting for food
There were, however, many pictures devoted to capturing this 10 point buck that was hanging out in the field nearby (not where my affections would be, but remember this was Rob taking the pictures…)

10 point buck

The next morning, after the friends had to leave to get back to a soccer game, Rob and the girls headed down to check out the lake. I am sure Rob knew how the morning would play out and that is why he chose to leave them in their pjs.

They would not be content to play along the shore for long…

morning playtime

No. They are not doing their morning yoga (as Rob’s sister had commented) but this was an activity equally as soothing to the girls; playing in the mud

dirt is always fun

now to get cleaned off (remember it is November and that water is COLD!)

Dee and Gracie in the water

I am a little embarrassed that they are all in their panties, but I guess it was ok because there were no onlookers around that morning

Halle and Gracie
and finally showing Rob their best dance poses while drying off and trying to warm up a bit in the sun

strike a pose

And what did I do with the house to myself for the first time ever??? I stayed in bed mostly and watched Jane Eyre and then Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday (that part was nice). Then I slept with all the lights on in the den and kitchen. And I woke up a bit sad knowing my girls would not be coming out of their rooms that morning to greet me while I was reading and drinking coffee.

But I am so glad they all had a really great time and had this opportunity together!

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2 Responses to Father/Daughter Camping

  1. Denise Moss says:

    Looks like lots of fun! As for ‘no onlookers’…well…Levi was sitting next to me when I opened these pics up! Oh well :o)

  2. Nonnie says:

    What a gorgeous park, Jo! And as to their panties, they are wearing as much as they do in their 2-piece bathing suits. No problemo!

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