Cruel and Unusual??

Dee and Gracie

I am not sure at what age it is no longer acceptable to suck your fingers or thumb, but I am sure we have passed that long ago. Plus with sickness and germs running rampage all over the place, sticking dirty bacteria-laden objects in your mouth can’t keep down your odds of catching something. Dee and Gracie’s finger sucking must stop!

Taping their fingers together is the first step we are attempting. And as you can see, they are not too thrilled about this. But instead of complaining and whining about it, they just find ways around our little obstacles. Dee simply takes the tape off once we leave the room and Gracie has just decided her thumb is a worthy substitute (hmmm, I wonder if their different responses to our restrictions is any sort of foreshadowing to possible future rebellion methods we will see later in the teenage years…) Anyways, Rob thinks we need to go more drastic and actually tape tongue depressors to their fingers. A neighbor even suggested we tape 12 inch rulers at their elbows to keep their arms straight – then they cannot bend to get to their fingers. I am now tempted to try either of those because the tape alone is not proving itself very effective.

I know all this might seem a cruel and unusual punishment (Dee and Gracie sure do!) But I know from experience that braces, wearing head gear, and other orthodontic type devices are even more so. I would hate for them to have to endure that type of torture like I did because we didn’t stop this behavior early on.

Maybe they will thank me later!

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One Response to Cruel and Unusual??

  1. Nicole says:

    That might be the funniest picture you have ever posted! I am crying laughing! What about painting that gross tasting stuff on their fingers? Like the stuff they use for people who bite their fingernails?

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