Every Jot and Tittle; Am I to be a scribe?

About eight years ago, I adopted a little paperback camouflage NIV Bible as my preferred choice of Scripture for regular use in my quiet times, Bible studies, and at church. And as you can see, it took quite the beating over the years.

old Bible The front and back covers kept tearing, pages came out at the seams every now and then, and lots of scribbles appeared on a regular basis from my girls (I think because they saw all my markings, they thought it would be nice to add their own…) With the help of lots and lots of packing tape, I managed to keep the covers bandaged up and some of the pages secure. But over the last year, it was just becoming too much work to keep everything in tact and I would just stuff the pages back inside when they came out. I soon realized when I would rummage through my clumps of chapters and books of the Bible that I was actually missing pages. Precious words from Genesis were no where to be found. Knowing that I could not keep using a Bible were passages were lost and gone forever, I finally allowed myself to justify the purchase of a brand new Bible.

Because I make lots of comments throughout the passages, I wanted a Bible that allowed lots of room for whatever I wanted to write down. And fortunately for me, they exist! I found this ESV journaling Bible here with wide margins which I thought would be perfect for all my note-taking needs. new Bible Having a bonded-leather cover, I doubted I would need to use any tape to keep it from tearing and it was small enough that I could still keep it in my purse when I was off to church or a Bible study. So I bought it!

But now that I have it, I am wondering if I should be copying down all the notes I took down in my previous one? There are so many wonderful things that have been recorded in the margins of my old Bible. I just don’t think I can bear to know there might be things I learned and thought important enough to take note of that I will never see again if I don’t re-write them. I know some folks that do this copying when they get a new Bible and I also know some that choose not to. It would be a lot of work, but maybe if I just do a little over time, it will be complete before I know it. I also think it will be refreshing to see some of the things I recorded over the years. I won’t re-underline text as I think that is something one does only when the scripture speaks to their heart at that particular moment. But I do think copying notes is ok. I just don’t know what to do with the words “I love you Jo” that Rob wrote years and years ago??? Sweet, right! Maybe I will just tear out that page and put it in a safe place where I have stored other fond keepsakes.

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2 Responses to Every Jot and Tittle; Am I to be a scribe?

  1. Nonnie says:

    Do tear it out, but keep it in the new bible at the appropriate chapter and verse … yes?

  2. Kate says:

    I love your precious heart Jo!

    A new Bible is as thrilling to a grown up as a big new box of crayons is to a child. :)

    I think you should frame that note from Rob next to the torn out 1 Corinthians 13… Or your favorite passage on love.

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