Halloween 2009

It was a frightful Halloween with the H1N1 virus making an appearance in a couple different ways. Fortunately there was Dr. Halle and Nurse Dee to the rescue!

Dee & Halle
Dee & Gracie

some of the GLC troops H1 N1 & Halle Sometime over the summer, Halle mentioned she wanted to be a doctor. When a friend of mine told me she had nurse and doctor dress-up clothes for us to borrow, I thought a medical theme would be fun to play out. Dee was to be the nurse and Gracie would be the patient. It wasn’t until a couple days before Halloween that all the costumes were figured out. My mom had heard about a couple dressing up as the H1N1 virus and I immediately decided to use (um… OK ‘steal’ is the better word, whatever…) that idea for us. And that meant instead of figuring out how we could make Gracie a patient, we could dress her up as a different rendition of the swine flu. We already owned piggie pjs and so adding a cardboard snout and pink construction paper ears helped complete the costume. Between borrowing costumes, home made pig features, and using blue painters tape to announce the H1N1 virus, it was an expense-free Halloween!!

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One Response to Halloween 2009

  1. Nonnie says:

    And you did an AMAZING job! Halle ALREADY looks ready for Grey’s Anatomy!!

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