worth a hundred words

I know there is an expression out there that either says “A picture is worth a hundred words” or “An expression is worth a hundred words” (and maybe ‘a thousand words’ was the ending of the quote???? I just don’t remember…)

Whatever it is, the old saying works here on this picture of Halle’s expression below!

Halle's great expression

You have to know that I am the one taking this picture and hence I am the recipient of this look. Also, remember that I am the least-favored parent to whom the “I like you” note was bestowed upon, instead of an “I love you” one like her daddy received (that post is here)

So with that said, I am guessing this expression of hers is probably conveying words that the dimwit taking her picture (that would be moi!) is most unfavorable in her opinion. And that she is obviously superior to the person her eyes are condemning.

But my limited vocabulary doesn’t help me out with putting words here, but I am sure they are out there!

What words come to your mind when you see this look?


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4 Responses to worth a hundred words

  1. foo.c says:

    Ha! It looks like she would say “And your point is????” after you addressed her in some way.

  2. Nonnie says:

    I SO agree!

  3. What a great little evangelist!

  4. Sorry, that comment went with the last post about camping.

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