offended or honored?

Look how precious Halle can be!

I love you
She left this sweet little note with the words, ‘I love you dad’ along with a feather and rock as more tokens of her affection. Halle had placed this offering outside the bedroom door for Rob, so he would ‘discover it’ (her word choice) when he came out from working back there.

I was so touched by her thoughtfulness! Then she told me there was something waiting for me too, by the computer. How my heart leapt with the anticipation as I went to ‘discover’ what tribute I might find that would demonstrate her feelings and devotion to her beloved mother. But my elation was not quite the same as Rob’s when I saw what gift awaited me.

I like you

As you can see the wording was a bit different. “I like you”

So my question is this? Is it better to be liked or loved by your children? I am just trying to figure out if there is really a difference and I wonder if I should be offended that I didn’t get the word ‘love’ or should I be honored? I know sometimes it is harder to practice love, it is often defined as a choice for how we treat others. Even the Bible tells us to ‘love our enemies’ – we don’t have to like them, just love them. But when you ‘like’ someone, isn’t that because you are happy with them and pleased with them and enjoy them! So was Halle esteeming Rob or me more? Any thoughts? I think I already know the answer…

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5 Responses to offended or honored?

  1. Nonnie says:

    I think you have received the best of the two. Kids love their dads, sort of putting them up high in the sky. But they deal with their moms every day on a more earthy plain … and to have her STILL like you after all that is a blessing!! Wait another few years and you’ll be praying for just the ‘like’! (I’m still not sure if my kids LIKE me!!)

  2. Sam says:

    I think it’s funny too that your card is only half the size of Rob’s!

  3. Sam says:

    Ryan says, “It’s the brick bread and quinoa that did it.”

  4. Nonnie says:

    BUT … she was left a beautiful shell (and not easily found in the Austin area!) as opposed to a big, common rock …

  5. Ritz says:

    yours has better penmanship

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