Trip To Wisconsin 2009

It is official – a summer trip up north to Wisconsin is now an annual tradition.
This is the second year in a row that we drove (yes drove – in a car, for 19 hours, all in one day!) up to Beaver Lake, WI.

Rob has an aunt that lives there in this cozy little cottage on one of the bluest, most clearest, lakes in the country. He spent many full summers up there while growing up and we want our girls to experience many of those same memories he had way back then. The weather wasn’t always cooperative and there were just a few sunny days, but the cool (sometimes cold) weather was a nice respite from the Texas 100 degree heat we left behind. Lots of lake activities, and some lakefront activities like croquet matches, when the sun was out and reading and painting when it was not, the girls were happy one hundred percent regardless of the temperature or rain condition outside!

Rob and I even had the extra bonus of a night away for a rehearsal dinner and wedding that was going on just an hour and a half south of Rob’s Aunt (anyone remember last year’s American Gladiator winner – Tim Oliphant? Well, he got married!). And Rob’s parents so graciously volunteered their grandparent love and adoration of the girls to keep them for a night without us and then drive back south before we connected again in Lincoln, IL for the remainder of the drive home.

Thank you Nonnie and Gramps!!! And thank you Aunt Susie and Uncle Bruce for our time with you guys in your house!! We’ll be back next year!

Susie's cottage
Susie, Gracie, and Dee
Gramps with Dee and Gracie

croquet match

Jo with Dee and Gracie

Rob with Halle

Rob & Jo - Tim

The picture quality isn’t the best on this blog, but you can view more by clicking here.

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3 Responses to Trip To Wisconsin 2009

  1. Looks like great fun! You are absolutely beautiful. It’s so fun to see how we have all “grown up.”

  2. Kim Berry says:

    Hey. Your blog is great. I like it. This is Kim from New Braunfels, but on sitemeter I think it says San Antonio. Anyway, have a nice day.

  3. Ritz says:

    Hey Joanna, just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that i’ve been web stalking you through your blog. Thanks for your sweet funny posts, I always enjoy them.

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