The best $2 I have ever spent!

all this for $2

We visited Half Price Books up in Round Rock today and Halle noticed this grouping of card board boxes by the check out labeled

Kid’s Grab

condition/selection varies

Well the unknown of this mysterious box and the possibilities as to what was inside excited Halle big time! She decided THIS was how she wanted to use her $3 gift card (something she received from their reading program over the summer). I was curious as well and very willing to chip in the extra $2 to make up the difference. You have no idea what you might be getting other than “kid” books, but with such a low price, the risk seemed low.

It turns out the contents of this box were AWESOME!! There were more than 100 books; all keepers! There were early readers, activity books, Usborne books, some Caldecott Honor Books, Clifford, Madeline, and so many more of some of my favorite children’s books. I am not sure who was more delighted, the girls or me. It has kept them busy most of the afternoon. I always love a great (and frugal) purchase – this one is by far one of my favorites!!!

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2 Responses to The best $2 I have ever spent!

  1. Nonnie says:

    You know the dreams you had as a kid where you got to walk through a candy shop and have everything you wanted? Opening that box must have felt the same way!

  2. tiffany says:

    If you find more of those grab one for me and I will pay you and get it from you when I see you next! What a GREAT find! will have to check our book stores- but have nto found anything like that…

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