Happy Birthday Dee & Gracie!

To celebrate her 4th birthday, Dee told me she wanted a “dolphin bubble pool party” and what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t try to humor her with that request! Gracie didn’t really have much input in the matter, she just liked the idea of a party in general.

It worked out that we were in Houston (where almost all our family lives) the day before their 4th birthday so we were able to have a “dolphin” party there. A few construction paper dolphins around the kitchen light and some plastic dolphins as a cake topper -> voila! And there you have it, a dolphin party that Dee and Gracie were more than content with (I doubt Halle would have been satisfied with such meager attempts to carry out a requested-theme, but Dee and Gracie were and it was their party…)

cake time
bubbles from Aunt Co

Our great neighborhood pool provided the necessary means to meet the pool party wish the day after their real birthday.

birthday cake - take two
The same plastic dolphins were used again as toppers for cake number two, the bubble blowers from one of Aunt Co’s gift added the extra ambiance, and lots of little swimmers made their birthday wish complete!!

dee - right, gracie - left, middle ????
Dee is on the right and Gracie is on the left. As for the one in the middle, she is an ‘unknown blower’ that decided to offer up her unwelcomed services of helping with the candles. Oh well, what can you do?

dee with bubbles more bubbles

Lot’s of love for two of our precious baby girls!!!!

Dee and Gracie - day oneyou can click here for the story of their first birthday

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One Response to Happy Birthday Dee & Gracie!

  1. Megan says:

    Happy Birthday Dee and Gracie!!!! Jo – I can’t believe they 4 – such big girls (well still tiny, but you kwim). I miss you guys tons, and can’t wait to get together… :)

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