Top This!

Now before you begin to feel this title is insinuating a challenge for you to do something better and ‘top’ me in something praiseworthy I might have accomplished, you must first know that I am not using those words in a boastful or arrogant way. Nope. Nope. Nope. Because as you will soon see, this is going to reveal a rather less-than-proud moment for me, especially in regards to the healthy mom I try to be. ‘Top This’ in this instance is not like saying ‘beat that.’ No. Instead it is referring quite literally to what the girls chose to top their nachos with for lunch.

Because I have yet to go to the grocery store to purchase things for our usual fare, we are still living off food leftover from our trip with my family over the 4th of July. Chips and cheese are some items we have in abundance, so the girls are enjoying the idea of having nachos for many of their meals. And after announcing that we would be having them ,yes, once again, Dee told me she wanted hers “with goldfish and with cheetos and with fruit loops.” She probably would have kept going (we still had a few oreos left as well), but I cut her off and only allowed the first two. Still, I don’t think any were sad in the slightest at my denial, because, voila, I mean just look at this concoction! What child wouldn’t be delighted by such a palate pleaser!!


The prayer ‘bless this food to our bodies’ had a whole new meaning for this meal and I had to wonder at God’s amusement with our request. At least with the apples I put on their plate, I am hoping I provided something He could work with : )

oh and just in case you want to re-create nachos À la Dee, do be aware that cheetos burn quickly and create a wretched smell if left more than 5 seconds in the oven.

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2 Responses to Top This!

  1. halim9191 says:

    Those nachos look disgusting – fun, but disgusting :)


  2. Nonnie says:

    Oh, do I agree .. horrible looking. Ah, Dee Dee, you are always a surprise!

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