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Happy Birthday Dee & Gracie!

To celebrate her 4th birthday, Dee told me she wanted a “dolphin bubble pool party” and what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t try to humor her with that request! Gracie didn’t really have much input in … Continue reading

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surprising joys from fish and bread

I love the many unexpected blessings of the Lord and how His grace desires to give us more than we could ever ask or imagine! I had been thinking lately (not ardently-on-my-knees praying, just kind of thinking in the back … Continue reading

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Top This!

Now before you begin to feel this title is insinuating a challenge for you to do something better and ‘top’ me in something praiseworthy I might have accomplished, you must first know that I am not using those words in … Continue reading

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lifejackets and leashes

During the “off-time” with no job, Rob was presented with a great opportunity in gaining some compensation by his Auntie Carol. She had lots of renovation work that she needed to have completed on her condo out in Florida and … Continue reading

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