just one glance…

one very quick quick glance!!

As it might follow that without a lingering stare, one could conclude the blue polka-dot valances and holdbacks look rather nice, right? And maybe (just maybe) even compliment worthy??

But I cannot pat myself on the back; and neither should anyone else. Because even though there is something commendable about trying to make your own curtains, the end result should be the true judge of whether the effort is meritable. And in my case, it is not.

For starters, I didn’t set out with the ambition to make my own curtains. The need came about after realizing window coverings could not be located ANYWHERE that would have a complementing blue to pair with the comforter set I so frugally purchased on overstock.com (those stripes with supposedly very basic colors of pink, blue, green, and yellow were all off-shades and very tricky to match). Next in reason for the thumbs-down rating is the quality of fabric I used. The only suitable blue I could locate came from a twin sheet set I found at WalMart. The material the sheets were made of was so cheap and thin that I had to line them with thick black felt to keep them from looking translucent hanging on the window; and when I tried to smooth out the wrinkles, areas of it actually melted and stuck to my iron. Yet all that didn’t matter to me anymore, I had been hunting high and low for almost a year now for anything that would suffice and I was desperate; plus I couldn’t beat the purchase price of $7. But now on to most pathetic part; the sewing! I own a sewing machine, I know how to thread it and get it ready to go, but I do not really know how to use it. I have seen folks doing lots of prep work that entails marking and pinning the fabric before the actual sewing begins, but I pretended all those time consuming steps were not necessary. Well I wish I could pretend I had no mishaps… That big white pole that runs through the valance to hold it up, well one of my first attempts didn’t include an opening to allow for that. Rats! Rip apart and start over was the tune I was sewing to as I realized too late on too many occasions that certain pieces should have been sewed together before others and certain pieces shouldn’t be sewn at all to others. But after many do overs, the sewing part was finally considered complete. Luckily with all their ripples and ruffles, I feel that the curtains were a very forgiving item to sew; one won’t be able to easily tell how un-straight the seems really are and how uneven the edges. Still there is definitely a back (bad) side and a front (not-as-bad) side to the finished result. The chosen front side doesn’t have nearly as many mistake seems running across the fabric (or brown singed spots from the iron), and it is also the side that has the painted-on dots. Yep, all those polka dots are painted. Because the only sheets I could find that would work with the colors in the comforter set had polka dots, I figured I needed to complete the look of the room with polka dots on the windows.

So there you have it; all the reasons why you should not get too close to these things. It is only from a distance and a quick glance that one should take notice. And the same type of look should follow with regard to the wall hanging too! Because if you look more than a second at that attempt at craftiness, you will see why it is fitting to hang above my attempt at valances.

Do you see what is wrong with the wall plaque? This was what I made for Dee and Gracie when they turned one. I finished it the night before their birthday party, certain that all was correct. But it was my rain-on-my-parade brother who immediately pointed out the error when it was opened.

‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ is the jingle I know and have to think about often when spelling many words. It is too bad I don’t know the one about ‘g’ and ‘h’ (is there one?) Grrrr…..my spelling is really really poor!! But it turned out to be not that big of an upset because everyone said I should leave it as it; something that would be completely unique and something that would remind the girls of how “special” their mom is. ‘Special’ mom, ‘special’ wall plaque, and now ‘special’ valances!

Stay tuned for future words about my ‘special’ bread : )

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5 Responses to just one glance…

  1. jvanvleet says:

    Know that I did doctor up the room and make the beds myself to make it picture worthy. When D&G make their own beds, there is still lacking a semblance of tidiness. And the bed with the shelves (where Dee sleeps) would NEVER look that organized without my intervention.

  2. julespaq says:

    hilarious!!! and from a glance, it is gorgeous!

  3. Denise says:

    I think it looks great! You should see the curtains I sewed for my master bedroom…There is a reason they aren’t hanging :o)

  4. Nonnie says:

    I love it all … the story AND the look!

  5. Cindy J says:

    Love the curtains and the story!! Priceless . . .right down to the misspellins’ too!! Enjoy!

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