ummm…. he doesn’t have any money

I love it! You spend time deliberating much over the words to use with your children when trying to explain weighty matters, making careful mention of key points, clarifying with much detail what is going on in ways they can understand; all with the hope that the light will go on in their little minds and everything will be made clear. But what their true grasp on things really amounts to always seems to be revealed in public places and in innocent humorous ways.

Rob left Wednesday morning to spend some retreat time at a friend’s ranch out in Fredericksburg. He followed some advice to remove himself from the distractions of searching for jobs, posting resumes, checking budget and all other burdens he feels he needs to take care of because of unemployment. He knows that time alone in God’s word and in prayer and fasting need to be first in his priorities. Whatever he sets out to address right now, all that requires his attention and action, need to come out of a foundation built on God’s guidance. So off he went…

When I explained to the girls his leaving, I told them how daddy really needs to be praying for God’s direction on what should be done because he doesn’t have a job. I have been trying to help them realize how important having a job can be. “Daddy works at a job, he receives money for his work, and money allows us to stay in our house, buy food, and live comfortably…” I want to be honest in telling them that it is a scary thing to not have a job and to wonder how we will be able to live the way we are used to without making money. But! God is good, I say. He wants us to depend on Him, to trust Him, and find hope from Him in all circumstances. And that is what daddy is doing right now, spending time with God to receive those things so that he will be able to lead our family in the best way.

So when a friend noticed and asked about Rob’s absence at a birthday party last night, Gracie quickly offered up what she was certain to be the short and sweet of the answer. “Ummmm… he doesn’t have any money”

I guess I have more explaining to do…

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One Response to ummm…. he doesn’t have any money

  1. julespaq says:

    HILARIOUS! Another addition to your ‘Gracieisms’ 2009!

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