promise and provision

And my God will supply all your needs
according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

Over the last couple of days following Rob’s lay-off, the above verse is one that has brought me much comfort. Trying to grasp the weight and worth of these words, “my God will supply ALL YOUR NEEDS” is something I cannot consider lightly. But it is what the rest of the verse says, “ACCORDING to HIS RICHES in glory in Christ Jesus” that is so key and amazing to me. Because as much as I would want to define my ‘needs’ in the physical and worldly sense (health, food, home, income…) I know that is not the assurance I have claim to with this promise. Instead what is mine to take hold of with surety is on an internal level and not external. Grace, peace, hope, joy, faith, comfort, steadfastness, perseverance, character, faith… these are just a few of God’s riches that I can find when I draw near to Him. And it is with these, that God is able to give me what I truly NEED to endure difficult times.

That in and of itself is huge to me! And even though I can’t be guaranteed that tangible needs will be met, I am seeing in unexpected instances that they are. Out of God’s goodness, He HAS provided and IS providing more than just spiritual needs for us. These are just a few that are coming to mind.

*the compassion of others
We have been so touched by the ways others have wanted to minister to us. There have been many phone calls and emails with words of sympathy; just the simple act of acknowledgement means a huge deal to us. We have loved the invitations to just hang out, drink beer/wine, and listen (not give advice, but just listen) while we share our feelings and emotions. We are seeing the generosity of others as there have been offers to take care of our kids so Rob and I can have time together, expense free activities for our girls have been proposed, places of rest and retreat have been made available… wow! what loving companions are surrounding us with their affections during this time.

*Rob’s student loan from his master’s degree was paid off just a month ago.
To know that more than $30,000 went to pay off a debt over the last several years when it could have been possibly lost in retirement savings or on frivolous spending is an amazing provision! During this time of no income, we do not have the burden of a monthly loan payment lingering over us.

*We have already learned to live on a reduced budget.
In attaining the goal of becoming debt free, we made so many adjustments in our spending style to live in money-saving ways. With the disciplines we already learned in finances, we are more equipped and able to survive these times when money is extremely tight.

*We have been through the battle of a difficult marriage
Ha! I never thought the first 8 years of a bad marriage would be a provision, but it is. Out of that time, God’s purpose for marriage and family are now of utmost importance in our hearts and minds. God gave us victory just a few years back in becoming a couple that chooses to love one another during the unlovable moments, that desires to be supportive and caring toward one another, and that realizes that the best thing we can give to our children is to have a good marriage. I can’t imagine going through this time of uncertainty in the married life we WERE in. More than ever we need the power of togetherness and intimacy to make it through.

I know we will be made aware of so many more provisions and I pray that we (especially in the presence of our girls) will be mindful and thankful of all the ways He is providing (and has provided) for us. I want so much that we allow ourselves to see and display the goodness of God during this time.

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One Response to promise and provision

  1. Nicole says:

    You are a wonderful example of a faithful servant in a trying time! My heart goes out to you…..let me know if you need anything at all! I saw a card in Target (it was a sympathy card for layoffs…guess that’s a hot market right now) and I laughed….it was crass, but I thought you would think it was funny too. I love that you have the faith to trust in Him for your provision….He WILL take care of you!!

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