Rob the Builder


Rob the Painter, the Electrician, the Auto-mechanic, the Plumber, the Welder, the Remodeler, the Dry-wall hanger, the Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker  (sorry, I couldn’t resist adding the last three…)

But you get the idea; he truly is a jack of all trades! And thinking back on the many many things he has been able to do that profits friends and family and our home with his sundry set of skills and talents, I realize how much I am blessed as a wife married to this man. I am astounded by the dozens and dozens of building projects he has completed over the years as well as the never ending amount of ways he is able to keep us in the clear of paying repair folks that would usually be required for home and vehicle upkeep.

This is just a small small (very very small) sample of things that he has done over the years, that made me so proud.
*How about you and my grandfather work together to build a bed for us. Done (and it looks beautiful!)
*Rob, this 1950s house needs some remodeling. Don’t you think this wall would look better with a big window that opens up the den to the kitchen? Done (and then more of our friends had him do the same in their home…).
*Rob, there is this precious dollhouse bookshelf in the pottery barn kids catalog. Can you make that for Halle? Done.
*oh, and I like these cool bookshelves in their home catalog. Can you make them for our den? Done!
*Rob, my car window is stuck down in the door and won’t come back up. What should we do? Oh, you are just going to rip the door panel off and fix the broken part. Cool!
*Um, Rob. I had a bit of an accident today and pulled the iron out of the electric outlet. The problem is the plug didn’t come with the cord. You can fix it! Swell!!
*Rob, I am bummed that we just don’t have all the shelf space we did in our closets in San Antonio. You will build a whole wall of shelves in our master closet! That’s super.
*Rob, it would be nice to have a playset for the girls. Done! (and btw, this thing is awesome!!)
*Hey, uh – I think now that we moved this bookshelf into the den, it should be painted black. Oh, and it needs to look distressed too. You’re on that. Sweet!

And the list goes on and on; laying tile, laying hard wood floors, building decks, hanging doors/cabinets/dry wall, remodeling, rewiring things (ahem, so I don’t actually know what the proper terms are for what it is he re-wires, I just know that he does; and it saves us needing to hire electricians every now and then), turning his jeep into a true off-road vehicle, fixing almost every car issue we encounter (alternators, breaks,…), building an entire barn (or as he would say, “equestrian housing” is the more sophisticated term). And even though there are tons of other things to share, I’ll throw in just one more because it is a favorite of mine. He was actually called to remove a raccoon trapped inside a bedroom wall (yeah, one of our friends thought to call up Rob for assistance with the matter when animal control wouldn’t come to the rescue!).

From the very big to the very small, there is so much he has done to make me say “WOW!!

If there is any sort of issue he encounters related to appliances/cars/trucks/boats/home-maintenance/etc etc…, he has this compulsion to fix it right away, no matter the time, no matter the surrounding circumstances. It is not a rare thing to find him tinkering with something in our home (or vehicle) to make it “better.” Not too many nights ago, well after all the kiddos were in bed, I left him at the computer to go brush my teeth. I quickly come back out when I hear this very LOUD banging noise. The scene I come across is Rob on the floor with a sledge hammer and our office chair turned over on its side. The wheels of the chair have been removed and Rob is pounding the ever living daylights out of this poor chair. I ask him what in the world he is doing! “It didn’t sit right,” he said. We’ll yeah, if you bang on it like that of course it will have issues. He didn’t appreciate my humor (sigh… people rarely do…) But I guess he was right, the chair didn’t sit right and because of that, it was dragging a piece of metal across the carpet every time you moved it.

I throw in that story to say this and try to sum it all up. Life is truly better around here because of him! I know that I often take all these for granted, but no more. On this special day (Rob’s birthday!) I want him to know just how much I appreciate and admire all he does.

Many men have done excellently, but in my eyes Rob surpasses them all (and that should be my mindset, because I am married to him!)

As an apple tree among the trees of the forest,
so is my beloved among the young men.
With great delight I sat in his shadow,
and his fruit was sweet to my taste.
Song of Solomon 2:3

Happy Birthday Rob! You are the one that captures my heart’s appreciation, admiration, attraction, and affection.
I love you!!

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One Response to Rob the Builder

  1. Nonnie says:

    Sigh … SOMETIMES I still wish he lived with US!! My list is sooooo long!!!

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