like a diamond in the sky

In this case though, it is not from a twinkling little star…

We checked out the Austin Kite Festival yesterday (*you can read some background below). It was just our 2nd time to attend, but this event has been going on for the past 80 years. Once you are there, it is easy to see why so many folks have come year after year (and why we will continue to go back year after year). What an amazing sight it is to look up and see thousands and thousands of kites flying in the air, looking brilliant with all the colors against a big blue sky!! And not just your typical diamond shaped ones; what variety and creativity there was to behold. More family photos of this day are posted here

Rob and Halle Halle's mermaid kite Rob and Halle

The kites came from their Nonnie, and this was the perfect day to give them a whirl.
Halle and Dee

Even though their mermaid and angel kites stayed in
the air for seconds at most, the girls still got quite a thrill
over seeing them lifted by the wind.

And higher than the kites, their spirits soared!

*the bit of history I am posting below was found here:
If you look at old Austin maps of the Zilker Park area, the fields currently being used for soccer are labeled the ‘Kite Flying’ fields. Andrew Zilker, who donated the land in two steps, one in 1918 and one in 1932, made this 351 acre park possible. Andrew Zilker came to Austin in 1876 with 50 cents in his pocket – and became one of Austin’s earliest millionaires. It’s said that Zilker was a pilot and loved flying. It’s no wonder Kites are a part of the park named for him. Today kite fliers can be found at Zilker Park almost every good weather day and it’s the home of the longest continually running Kite Festival in the USA.

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