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convicting eyeballing or curious envy

Not too long ago, I set up for myself a little challenge. I wanted to see if I could refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages for 15 days. Now before you start jumping to all sorts of conclusions, I must first … Continue reading

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queen d4 to d2 takes bishop (checkmate)

Halle’s Tia (her Aunt Cristen) gave her a chess set for Christmas this past year and it has been so fascinating to see her develop this keen interest in the game. She is developing quite a knack for the skills … Continue reading

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thanks Dave Ramsey, we’re now debt free!!!!

Wait!! Before you get too impressed, I do have to preface that we still have a mortgage. But according to Dave, you can call yourself debt free if you have no other outstanding payments on loans or credit cards. And … Continue reading

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shopping then and shopping now

Sink or swim. Fight or flight. Man vs Wild. No, I am not referring to some documentary on the discovery channel, where survival is the common theme; I am describing my own situation that best captured life in those early … Continue reading

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Go, Lovely Rose!

So I scored this great set of “The Harvard Classics’ at Half Price Books yesterday (for just $19). I was so proud of my purchase!!! My first thoughts were how cool and scholarly they would look on my book shelf … Continue reading

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Rob the Builder

And… Rob the Painter, the Electrician, the Auto-mechanic, the Plumber, the Welder, the Remodeler, the Dry-wall hanger, the Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker  (sorry, I couldn’t resist adding the last three…) But you get the idea; he truly … Continue reading

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like a diamond in the sky

In this case though, it is not from a twinkling little star… We checked out the Austin Kite Festival yesterday (*you can read some background below). It was just our 2nd time to attend, but this event has been going … Continue reading

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