happy feet from a running feat

Mardi Gras 5K and 1K 2/21/2009

This past Saturday, all the girls ran in their first race. This whopping 1K was quite a distance for these little legs, but they did AWESOME; I was so proud of them!! Dee and Gracie were the smallest ones out there, by far, and they looked super cute next to all these bigger kids. But how grown up they all felt to finally be running in an event of this sort “like mommy does.”

Dee first 1KGracie first 1K

They all crossed the finish line with big smiles and were awarded in Mardis Gras style with their own set of victory beads.

Halle first 1KHalle; finishing strong

Even though they won’t be capable of any greater distances for quite some time, I am not without my own hopes and dreams of a future family of runners. How fun would it be to all run in races together. A team name like the “Fast Feet Van Vleets” would definitely earn merit!

you can see more photos here

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2 Responses to happy feet from a running feat

  1. Denise Moss says:

    I love it! How fun would it be to come cheer the whole VanVleet gang on?!?!

  2. Shanna says:

    I think you hit the name right on…I love it! The fast feet VanVleets! :)

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