a checkout clerk gets the inside scoop

For any of those who might have read yesterday’s post, you might get a laugh out of this quick story.

We were at CVS yesterday buying some pull-ups for Gracie. Halle thought she would shed some insight on our purchase by telling the lady behind the counter that “Gracie is working on her potty-training.”

If only she had stopped there.

But no…

She also very willingly offered up some extra tidbits about our current happenings at home by adding this comment as well.

“yeah, and mom is working on her yelling.”

My sheepish smile and shrug of shoulders let the lady know I was taking ownership of Halle’s disclosure.

Thanks, babe!
Always one to keep me honest and accountable!!

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2 Responses to a checkout clerk gets the inside scoop

  1. Nonnie says:

    Yep, we are definitely past due for more “Halleisms”!!!

  2. Megan says:

    Hey girl – how have you been! That is so funny. I love it when my kids sell me out.
    Email or call me when you have time – my computer crashed sometime around Christmas and all of my contacts are gone.

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