Have you ever had sex for money or drugs at any time since 1977?

I bet that got your attention!!
It did when I read it, too…

That is just one of several seemingly random questions I’ll be answering “NO!” to twice a week for as long as it works in my favor to do so.


Let me explain.

You see, at the end of the year Rob and I started donating plasma. And if you have any memories of this from your college years, then you have the perfect mental image of what we are doing these days (we even still get to wear that colorful medical tape on our elbow when we are through). Are we crazy? Not really.

But read through these three quick perks and THEN you can decide for yourself.
**an extra $55-70 a week (if you are married and both doing this, that means more than $500 a month)
**childcare. Which translated to stay-at-home moms means: at least one hour of free time, each visit, for you to lay on a bed (undistracted!!) to read, listen to music, use your laptop (free WiFi), think about nothing… you get the idea. Oh. Sorry, they do have a no napping rule.
**the knowledge that you are saving lives. Truth be told, I wouldn’t need this third point to sway me (not with the first and second points being so great). But it does add a bit of nobility to this new quest of earning extra cash we are pursuing in this manner.

I’ll admit, we did feel a bit sheepish at first about all this. Who would we tell? That is what we thought when we were given these buddy cards guaranteeing a $10 incentive when others say they were referred by us. But then after the applause-like response we received from making this known to our church small group, we will have no longer have any hesitations avowing ourselves as plasma donors!

So if you are thinking you too could profit from this (and you live in Austin) let me know and I can fill you in on the details.
Plus, if you tell them I sent you, I’ll make sure we both get a little something extra.
I’d be willing to split that $10 referral bonus 90/10 (me/you)
ok ok what about 60/40??
Anyone anyone?
: )

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3 Responses to Have you ever had sex for money or drugs at any time since 1977?

  1. adrianne says:

    Chris has already tried to convince me to do this…we will have to talk :)

  2. Nicole says:

    Jo, you absolutely crack me up. I love this title…definitely an attention getter! And no, I can’t recall doing either. :)

  3. hey girl …. when i pick up the stuff tomorrow get me a buddy card and i’ll tell them you referred me!!!

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