Biker Babes or Housekeepers

As soon as Rob got his second bike last Spring (a much ‘cooler’ make and model than the one he had 6 years ago…) an idea for a Christmas card was immediately in progress, my mind was ticking. Even though Rob may ride a bike around the town, a true “biker” he is not! But how fun would it be to have our whole family appear as such!! And that is exactly what I wanted to do for our holiday greeting to friends and family this year.


Obviously, this was not our usual look and I wasn’t quite sure how to master the fashioning of the do-rag. The 1st attempts on the girls made them look like little housekeepers. But after a few more tries, this is what we came up with. Gracie was really into the rebel-looking biker-girl image, poor Dee had a bit trouble looking hip (but do take notice of that middle finger raised) and Halle wouldn’t cooperate at all. It kinda makes me wonder that each of their responses might be signs of behavior in the years to come…
gracie and dee

I was certain that none of the stores that printed christmas greeting cards would have a suitable template for our biker family photos. So, I was very excited to learn we could use our own software to create the final 4×8 image with a font and background that would go along with the theme. And even better, I learned that Sam’s could print them out for you if you bring in your image on a disk. 100 prints for $25!! This is definitely the route we’ll be going with our cards in the years to come. The whole process was great!! And here is the final result.

cool yule christmas 2008

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One Response to Biker Babes or Housekeepers

  1. Nonnie says:

    Thank you, thank you! I’m sending it to Meg!

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