“it’s fun to live in a trailer”

Yes it is, Halle.
Yes it is.

This post is overdue as it has been almost a month since we got to “live” in a trailer; a travel trailer that is. Rob was given a week off from work and we decided to try out a first camping trip with the girls. Know that the word ‘camping’ is used loosely here as we weren’t exactly roughing it in a tent in the back woods without running water and electricity (that is our next adventure!). For this trip, we rented a trailer to pull behind Rob’s truck and set up camp at a place called Guadalupe River RV Resort out in the hill country of Kerrville.
RV - sleeping arrangements RV - lunchtime inside the RV

We spent 4 days and 3 nights in this cozy little trailer.

The surrounding scenery was beautiful and it actually felt like fall.
riverside view

We would drive out to a different state park each day and hike around.
Day 1 was at a place called, ‘The Cave Without a Name’
inside cave halle in cave

Day 2 was Enchanted Rock.
The girls did A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
Halle led the way and was always yards ahead of us the whole way up.
Even Jackson, Gracie’s little black lab, made it up to the top
Gracie climbing Enchanted Rock Dee climbing Enchanted Rock Halle climbing Enchanted Rock Enchanted Rock, at the top

The last day was at Lost Maples.
It was absolutely gorgeous with all the colors of fall in full glory!
Lost Maples

The trip was such a wonderful time for our family.
Click here for all the other pictures from our little getaway.

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One Response to “it’s fun to live in a trailer”

  1. Chris and Adrianne says:

    Looks beautiful…when you said that you went camping I pictured “tent camping” with the girls and was really impressed….still really impressed even if there were no tents involved in this trip!!

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