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Biker Babes- take two. Looking a little less rebellious this time…

Get your motor runnin’ head out on the highway looking for adventure and whatever comes our way… ****Born to be wild**** ********************************************************************** Let’s hope not!!! These biker babes look much more innocent here than in their prior motorcycle days. As … Continue reading

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Biker Babes or Housekeepers

As soon as Rob got his second bike last Spring (a much ‘cooler’ make and model than the one he had 6 years ago…) an idea for a Christmas card was immediately in progress, my mind was ticking. Even though … Continue reading

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my purple feet feat and the goal I didn’t meet

Actually it should be noted that purple exists only on parts of my toes (the entirety of my feet aren’t a blackish bluish reddish color). It is just that the words feet, feat, and meet make for a much catchier … Continue reading

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“it’s fun to live in a trailer”

Yes it is, Halle. Yes it is. This post is overdue as it has been almost a month since we got to “live” in a trailer; a travel trailer that is. Rob was given a week off from work and … Continue reading

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