a lesson in history

So I figured I should start getting Halle familiar with some recent updates in the news and educate her a bit in our country and the new leaders. I wasn’t sure where exactly the conversation would lead, but I started my dialogue with this. “There is an important person I want to tell you about. His name is Barack Obama and he will be the nation’s next president.”

Halle’s response was classic. “I thought George Washington was our president.”

Apparently, some filling-in is necessary on my part to bring her up to speed of the 40+ presidents we’ve had over the last 200 years!! I just had to first stop laughing (I couldn’t stop! I even had tears running down my eyes!!)

Oh my sweet smart always learning Halle. The reality that the name George Washington even came to her mind when she heard the words ‘nation’ and ‘president’ means that somehow, on her own indefatigable style of reading, she ran across that bit of information in one of the hundreds of books she engrosses herself with constantly. Her statement reveals at least a partial knowledge and understanding in that area as she had to have first read that fact, process it, and then store it away in her brain to be used later. And as it turns out, that later (and very appropriate) use was on me, revealing a new and much needed addition of an area of study in our home-schooling…

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