My turn to poke fun

I have heard it said that children will often do crazy attention-getting type antics to seek the notice of their parents.  Could a similar principle hold true for adults who might be in wanting of a similar consideration and awareness from their spouse?  If so, there is probably some psychological reason for why I was able to witness this work of “art” grow in elaborateness day by day, one hanger at a time in our closet. Is this act a silent plea from Rob? One that cries out “Notice me. Notice me. I can do cute things too!”

I always enjoy getting to recount the many fun and clever things Halle, Dee, and Gracie have done during day when Rob comes home from work. He knows that it is a delight for me to tell of all the moments the girls brought laughter and a smile to my face. But sadly, it may appear that, with all my regard for them, I have left him with a feeling of my disregard. So Rob, know that I am smiling as I write this latest post! You are much valued and appreciated in our home and in my heart!! Lots of love to you!  

On a side note, as much as I would have wanted to keep the artful display of hangers up for a long long time, I had to take them down after the count made it past 13; the shirts and pants needed a proper home (one more fitting than draped across the handles of the exercise bike in the bedroom). But it was a pleasant attraction while it lasted : )

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