Today’s Forecast

Part of our school day includes going outside to talk about the weather and deciding which words best capture the current conditions. We look up at the sky, feel for any breezes, scan the horizon for distant rain…

and then, they all decide on which weather cards should be displayed on our calendar. Because we say it is “sunny” when we see the sun, Gracie’s little mind concluded there must be a similar adjective to use when the moon is out during the day. Hence, a new word “moony” entered into our vocabulary. Since the manufacture of our calendar was not up to speed with this new word and failed to create a weather card with this description, we made our own.

It’s always fun when we get to use this new card on those days where “the moon didn’t take its turn with the sun.”

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One Response to Today’s Forecast

  1. Nonnie says:

    Out of the mouths of babes …!!! I love that she considers that the moon didn’t take turns with the sun!!!

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