the people snore on

For more than a week now, the book of choice Dee has me read to her at nap time has been “bear snores on” (if you are a parent and don’t have this – GET IT! I love it!! The rhyme and meter is one of my all time favorites when it comes to board-books for children). The setting involves a cave in the woods where a bear is hibernating. One at a time, all these little critters start to enter the scene, escaping the cold winds of a howling snow storm going on in the forrest outside. The reader gets to see they have quite the party; eating and dancing and talking the night away, all while the “bear snores on.”

here is a fun little glance inside:

…and everybody clutters in the great bear’s den.

They tweet and they titter.
They chat and they chitter.
But the bear snores on.

In a cave in the woods,
a slumbering bear
sleeps through the party
in his very own lair…

So this book and the story line were things I was contemplating while tossing and turning, afraid to fall asleep in the late late hours of yesterday night. My mind was uneasy because I could not stop thinking about the live scorpion I found earlier that morning IN OUR BED!! (which by the way was disposed of immediately). And with that moment still haunting my thoughts, I started wondering all these crazy (but possible) things. Does he have other fellow friends lurking about that weren’t present at his assassination? If so, would they be seeking to avenge his untimely death? And what about, Oh wait …did I just feel something move on my foot? More chills were sent up my spine and I was feeling this was not going to be a night of peaceful rest. But in an attempt to make light of the situation, I coupled my fears with that cheerful little storybook I so often read to Dee. I started thinking about all the other little animals we find regularly in our kitchen, bedrooms, and den (mice, spiders, earwigs, crickets). And then I thought about what they must be doing to entertain themselves during the sleeping hours of our home. Perhaps, like in the bear cave, a similar party takes place inside our rooms; with critters galore running and playing about while we, the people, all snore on. I believe it is likely (especially because Rob is always certain he should have more beers to his name come the end of the week…did they really disappear? Now we know…); I can totally see all these little guys stirring things up and having a good ol’ time with our food and drinks. And a similar image to match that story I am so fond of (for reading to my girls and now, for helping me get to sleep) might be this; the tweet and titter, the chat and chitter that must be taking place at our feet each night.

I do have to confess that sadly, in terms of their guest list numbers, I know for certain that at least 6 mice this past week couldn’t honor any RSVPs they might have made to this nightly happy hour. Those little fellows along with 10 ten other spiders (last name “big”), twenty or so earwigs, and a couple of crickets are all together at another gathering – somewhere far far way hanging out in various ‘glad’ 13 gallon plastic bags.

And yes I am aware that in posting this, I am probably deterring any would-be visitors to our home. But my thought is that it is better to alert folks beforehand of potential encounters, than to have an unwelcome surprise with a greeting from one of our pesty pests!

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3 Responses to the people snore on

  1. Nicole says:

    Jo! You are too cute. This sounds like EXACTLY the type of thing I am thinking while laying in bed. (wondering if other people would think I was a weirdo if they know the kinds of thoughts I harbor in my strange brain!)
    We had a mice issue, too and I HATED them, but invariably ended up feeling sorry for their “assassination”. They were nasty, disgusting creatures, but I couldn’t help but think of them with a little bow tie on like Stuart Little. Oh well.

  2. Denise says:

    I love this book too! We also have Bear Wants More (which I actually like better) and Bear Stays Up.
    I so wish I had a talent for writing stuff like that!

  3. Tiff's mom says:

    Love your tails, oops I mean tales. I love kids books about little mice but I too don’t want them in my house. Sounds like you need a furry animal to catch them, then you can see the gentle kill. Pick up the book Llama llama Red Pajama and other Llama Llama books, great rhyming books.
    My question to you is – Have you submitted any of your stories for publication? They are very funny, as we can all relate to some part of them. Looks like you can also draw, so you can write and illustrate children’s books.
    Your girls are beautiful.

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