the kindness of my husband and the wickedness of his wife

OK, so usually I don’t share events in my life that would give folks extra grounds to conclude what a pitiful soul I am (they most likely can do that on their own, without my assistance…). But this particular incident I am about to make mention of was just too humorous to not pass along.

so here it goes…
The past four nights my mom was in town and she had arrived bearing many goodies and gifts. One of which was this pumpkin spice coffee-mate creamer (by the way, I have not been able to find that item ANYWHERE in the grocery stores). Two bits of information should be noted here. One – it is a well known fact among most family members and friends that I love coffee mate creamer (I absolutely do!) And two – oooooooooooh how I also love any pumpkin-flavored treat!!! Knowing that I had a double dose of taste-bud heaven before me, you could easily guess that I was most delighted at this offering. So thrilled in fact that I turned greedy and evil! This truly terrible person emerged from within my being and took over. You see, I made a conscious deliberate decision that I would not tell Rob about this new creamer we had received. And even worse, I went through much effort to actually hide this creamer on a bottom shelf on the door of our fridge; ensuring that he would not come across it when he went to doctor up his cup of coffee in the morning. Then…UGH!!!…that night, lying in bed, I became so convicted of my selfishness. With much guilt on my shoulders, I decided to turn from my self-centered ways. The next morning, before he was awake, I pulled the pumpkin spice creamer out of hiding. I cleared off all items from a shelf in the fridge and left only the pumpkin spice creamer, placing it front and center, directly ahead of our half-gallon sized French vanilla creamer we normally use. I had had a change of heart. I honestly did want Rob to be able to see it and share it with me. But here is where the kicker is, when I asked Rob if he had used the pumpkin spice creamer, he so sweetly and sincerely replied, ‘No, I knew how much you would like that. And I didn’t want to take any away from you.” So on top of my already convicted state, I ended up feeling really really crappy. And with all my shame and sorrow, I did humbly come before Rob and share with him all that I had done. His response, you might ask??? He just laughed and laughed and laughed (serves me right!).

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3 Responses to the kindness of my husband and the wickedness of his wife

  1. jvanvleet says:

    This was actually from two years ago. A great friend was able to find it for me. And because it is that time of the year again, when the smell of pumpkin spice creamer is soon to be in the air, it needed posting : )

  2. Nonnie says:

    I think this blog is a great example of what a wonderful partnership you have in EACH OTHER!

  3. Nicole says:

    Ummm…what about a wife who secretly watches a show on Tivo that she was supposed to wait and watch with her husband and then watches it with him again and pretends she didn’t already see it? You might not be the only one who sometimes questions her “pitiful soul”! :)

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