Polly in the Polly

When it comes to the speech development of our little ones, we never seem at a loss for entertainment. And though I would never have suspected that the simple word “potty” would take a hit and suffer injury in the enunciation of our three years olds; it did and in a rather humorous way. This poor verb/noun has had to forego its “T” sound in exchange for an “L” as Dee and Gracie are learning not only how to go “poTTy in the poTTy” but also how to correctly communicate this big-girl action as well.

After our first not-so-successful day in potty training 101, it was quite a feat trying to figure out WHAT exactly I could use as a motivator. I needed something (anything) that would stir in their minds a desire to want to try and experience (even if for just brief moments) the joys and glory of a life without diapers. But nothing I would offer or say had any positive effect. In our desperation, Rob and I even sank to a new level of LOW in our parenting. We offered Halle a bowl of ice cream and as we also enjoyed eating from our own bowls, in front of Dee and Gracie, we proceeded with slightly snide and coaxing comments like these. “We All went potty in the potty today.” “Ice cream can be something YOU TOO can have, but… not until you go potty in the potty.” “I really hope you get to have some soon, it SURE is yummy.” But we were unconvincing. A tilt of the head and a long drawn out silly sounding surely-you-can’t-be-serious reply of “n-o-o-o-o-o-o…” was the shared response of Dee and Gracie.


Days and days would go by. Still, Dee and Gracie had no desire to try at home. But, oddly enough, it was when we would go to the pool (and the girls would be in their swim diapers AND in the water) that Dee and Gracie would inform me they needed to go poLLy in the poLLy. Off we would go to the public restroom and sure enough, they did! This happened with such regularity that a new thought came to my mind. Let’s wear the swim diapers during the day at our house!! A quick note to mention that these aren’t your typical disposable swim diapers. I bought them on ebay with this description. “Swim pant made from waterproof material. Snug fitting around the legs and waist. Reusable. Machine Wash Warm. Certified UV protection.” Can’t beat that!

So with all that being said, I am pleased to FINALLY say that the girls have been very agreeable to wearing these super cute ruffled (leak proof) panties in our potty training; and we have been having many successes in the bathroom. Yay for these swim diapers!

Going “poLLy in the poLLy” has been fun for all!!

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One Response to Polly in the Polly

  1. Summer says:

    How funny is that!!!!! I love your family :)

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