planting crayons & exoneration

There is a connection between these two areas and because of that I will forever hold in my hand a “get out of jail free” card. I can’t play it too much; but there is comfort knowing it is there, if needed, to hand over to Rob the next time he discovers the girls got into something they shouldn’t have (under mommy’s supervision). I can now say, “remember the planting crayons incident…hmmm?” And voila; I am free from blame!

It happened like this. It is close to dinner time, I need to get things ready to put in the oven and make a phone call. So I tell Rob, “you watch the girls.” We are all in the kitchen at this point; Halle is coloring, D&G are playing with a box of crayons they got for their birthday (120 of them to be exact), and Rob is checking his facebook-account-thing at the laptop on the counter RIGHT NEXT TO THE GIRLS.

At this moment in time, it is my right to be distracted from all other actions happening in the kitchen. This was a prior agreement made just moments before that my attentions would be focused elsewhere; and not on the girls. So when it is discovered by both Rob and me (at the same time) that Dee and Gracie have dumped all the crayons on the floor AND proceeded to bury them in the nearby plant sitting less than a foot away from Rob’s feet, who is to blame??? The guilty party is the one who had to clean up the mess and when ROB was vacuuming up all the dirt and making sure all crayons made it out of the pot, he said I was forever exonerated.

Ha ha, Rob you get this card.

And I am off the hook next time the girls get a little too creative in their coloring/crayon endeavors.

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2 Responses to planting crayons & exoneration

  1. sdchaplin says:

    You are hilarious! I love your blog…what an excellent writer you are!

  2. Nonnie says:

    oh, my heart … I can see it now! Definitely time for a garden, Jo, with or WITHOUT plants! Want me to get them dirt diggers????

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