A beautiful way to explain death to a child

What is this “beautiful” way? I don’t know!

I have been trying to get Halle to tell me ever since I found out that she read a book with this very title. Yep. And here is how it happened.

There was much pitter-patter of feet during nap time while we were staying with Rob’s Aunt in Wisconsin. I knew, without a doubt, that the sounds belonged to Halle as she would over and over again run back and forth from her bed to the bookshelf in the hall; each time bringing to her room something new to read. I just assumed she was retrieving some fun childrens’ books to entertain herself with because when I would go up there to check on her, the floor and bed were covered with literature for kids. But apparently, she got her hands on much much more. Namely, this book on death.

It was on a road trip to Houston earlier this week when she first talked about this (mind you, our trip to the lake was more than two weeks ago). I was so caught off guard when she brought this up in one of our conversations that my response was not one that prompted her to share more. I was giggling so much while trying to find out all I could about what she learned that, sadly, she refused to continue discussing it. I could not get more out of her other than the fact that she read it and it didn’t talk about God. “No, it didn’t mention Him.” And that was one of her last comments on the subject.

Her comprehension is amazing to me and I really wanted to know what she thought about the explanation she read in this book. Hopefully, a little more subtle and innocuous prodding might reveal more, but until then I’ll have to wonder what is going through her little mind with regards to this. I’ll keep folks posted if I learn anything new. And if anyone is in need of assistance in this area, maybe you can get Halle to help out : ) She might not tell me (I think she questions my motives for asking her about it) but I am sure she would be delighted to share her findings with others.

It is truly fascinating to hear her mind at work as she processes out loud the new types of ideas and information she finds to read about. It never ceases to amaze me what Halle’s little 5 year-old brain comes up with. I am so glad I get to be a part of these many many instances. And I wanted to share one more real quick scenario that is just too fun not to pass along. So keep reading…

“Do we have any reduced iron?”
“Reduced iron? What??”
It took me awhile to figure out what in the world Halle was asking me about. But after a little more discovery-type questions on my part, I realized she had been reading through and considering the list of ingredients on a bag of cookies. Her train of thought was this. The list was a ‘recipe’ one could follow to make their own batch; and she believed we could use it at our house when we got home to make our own treats. How clever she is! But sorry sweet girl, we have no reduced iron in our pantry.

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One Response to A beautiful way to explain death to a child

  1. joanna says:

    just for grins, I did go out to Amazon.com to see if a book like this existed. And indeed I found it. Word for word, exactly as she had said.

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