Who Done it????

I thought it would be entertaining to travel around our house and play a little detective game.

Are you up for it?


First, I’ll need you to familiarize yourself with some art work that was created from the hands and minds of Dee and Gracie. I am finding there is much benefit in paying attention to the art/markings/drawings/scribbles of Dee and Gracie and I think you too will see the significance in noting their different styles. Being able to identify those differences will help you out in just a bit.

Exhibit A: This is a picture Dee colored.

Notice the shortness of the strokes, the little zig zags and many colors.

Exhibit B: This is a picture Gracie colored.

Her strokes are much longer and with much curvature and swirl. She is content with fewer colors.

So having that, I’ll show you a few crime scenes from our home. You can play Sherlock Holmes and see if you can conjecture for yourself the guilty party.





Gracie’s face:

my Bible:

light fixture:

Have your guesses? Check your answers below:

wall: This was obviously Gracie. The big swirls are identical to her drawing on the paper above.

chair: These little markings are a bit hard to see and without having a reference of how big/small the scribbles are on the chair, it would be hard to be confident in your assumptions. But to those who guessed Dee, you are correct.

bookshelf: This was Dee. It is in her bedroom where NO markers are allowed. But, honestly, I am not very surprised that she managed to somehow sneak that one past me at nap time one day. She is tricky like that.

mirror: Again, it is easy to deduce that Gracie did the graffiti here.

Gracie’s face: Well Gracie didn’t do this to herself! It was Dee!! She is the one who usually gets the prize in the category ‘creative places to display your handiwork.’

my Bible: Honestly, I am not sure about these particular markings. Both styles of Dee and Gracie are matched here. And, I have caught both of them with my Bible and any nearby writing instrument they managed to find in their hands on many a morning. So many times in fact, that as I flip through the pages, onlookers might think I was upset with lots and lots of verses and therefore scratched all over them with a pen (or marker or crayon…) But just know that any angry-looking scribbles you see in my very beloved Book are not from me!

light fixture: This one just might have to be left as an unsolved mystery on your side. To say that a child did this would probably not be a good thing in the mind of any responsible parent who happened to be reading these. Think about it. Which scenario raises a questioning eyebrow more. A mom who randomly decided to color a light fixture (and if you already thought she is nutty anyways, you wouldn’t question this)? Or a mom who obviously wasn’t present at the time her two year old decided to climb up on top of the table to leave her markings on the kitchen light? Also, the picture quality isn’t the best so it is hard to see that there are several colors used here. Whoever did this worked at it for some time. The reader will want to know, “where was mommy?” Yeah; I think I’ll stick with, “it was me!”

So how did you score?

It is with the help of this guy here and his nifty product ‘magic eraser’ that more of these doodles and markings can not be posted today. That works in favor of both Dee and Gracie (and their mommy). The evidence that would convict the girls of vandalism (and indict a mom for negligence) are no longer available and thus cannot be used against them (or me!).

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2 Responses to Who Done it????

  1. Nonnie says:

    HOW in the world did one of them get up that high?????? Sigh … our adorable little monkeys, yes indeed!

  2. julespaq says:

    hilarious! Your blogs are precious-what a good writer/record keeper you are!!

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