Gracie’s sweet neat purple feet feat

A shower for mommy is not an easy thing to come by. If I am at home without Rob and need to get clean when the girls are awake, the situation becomes a bit complicated. I have to lure everyone back in the bathroom with me, lock the door and proceed to take the world’s quickest shower. If I linger too long, some argument normally breaks out, there are tears, someone gets hurt, screaming and yelling are heard, sharing is not practiced; basically the bedroom becomes a dog-eat-dog world and things turn ugly. There are times when all three are literally pressed against the shower door; crying out accusations against each other, pleading their cases and begging for me to come be judge over the many injustices they all feel the victim of.

I needed to try a new approach. And I had a pretty good idea of something that just might work.

You see, each morning they have the opportunity to watch ONE thing on tv. None of them ever stay fixated for the entirety of the viewing; they will usually occupy themselves with a new activity or run off to play in another room. But there are those rare moments when I will notice that ALL of them are choosing to remain in the den and, at least momentarily, are indeed intently watching whatever is on the television. It was one of those moments that I was waiting for, to try out my new plan. I thought if I could know for certain that they were mentally occupied with something on the screen, I could run to the other room and take my shower without anyone having to experience any damaging repercussions. It would also be important for me to see that Dee was engrossed, as she is the one most likely to create havoc. And this particular morning, when the perfect opportunity presented itself, she was.

So I instantly left the scene, quickly showered and hurried back to the den; all in what I was certain was less than a minute. I saw the room, the girls, everything… in exactly the same state as I had left it.

Or was it?

Is Dee still lying on the floor? Check!

Is Halle still reading a book on the chair? Check!

Is Gracie still on the couch, next to the side table? Check!

But wait, something is different. Is that PURPLE on her toes?

I go in for a closer look…I DO see purple!

Gracie, you are Busted!
I caught you red-handed!!!
Or would purple-toed be more appropriate : )

At least only her toe nails, and a bit of her toes, received the ink of the purple marker. Had this been Dee, I would have been greeted by a different scene. The couch, the table, the pillows, her face, her clothes; all would have been colored. But it was Gracie, and she actually did a very good job at keeping most of the purple on just her itty-bitty toe nails. I am still not sure how Gracie was able to manage to run to the kitchen, choose a marker, come back to the couch and color all 10 of her toe-nails while I was in the shower (remember, I thought only one minute had elapsed). Oh! And she actually had to have to time to come up with this idea. Did it come to her the instant I left the room or had she been secretly plotting for days, waiting for just that right moment where she would have parental-free supervision? I am impressed!

So do I try taking a shower this way again? With all girls in the den?

I think I will. As long as Dee is distracted by the television, I am certain I have little to worry about with Gracie and Halle. If the extent of Gracie’s mischief is taking a marker to her toes, I think I am safe to try again.

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