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If I can’t win, I won’t run

When I first heard those lines, my immediate response was this. “How arrogant! That guy has some serious pride issues!” My heart never skipped a beat nor did I allow that remark to strike a chord with me as the … Continue reading

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a fun one with an onion

Because of this post from awhile back, Dee is for destruction, I started thinking of how I could continue on with other similar captions like these. I liked the whole idea of starting off with “Dee is for” and then … Continue reading

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Polly in the Polly

When it comes to the speech development of our little ones, we never seem at a loss for entertainment. And though I would never have suspected that the simple word “potty” would take a hit and suffer injury in the … Continue reading

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planting crayons & exoneration

There is a connection between these two areas and because of that I will forever hold in my hand a “get out of jail free” card. I can’t play it too much; but there is comfort knowing it is there, … Continue reading

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A beautiful way to explain death to a child

What is this “beautiful” way? I don’t know! I have been trying to get Halle to tell me ever since I found out that she read a book with this very title. Yep. And here is how it happened. There … Continue reading

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Who Done it????

I thought it would be entertaining to travel around our house and play a little detective game. Are you up for it? Good! First, I’ll need you to familiarize yourself with some art work that was created from the hands … Continue reading

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Gracie’s sweet neat purple feet feat

A shower for mommy is not an easy thing to come by. If I am at home without Rob and need to get clean when the girls are awake, the situation becomes a bit complicated. I have to lure everyone … Continue reading

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