The Lima Bean Dilemma

In our freezer, there will always be a bag of frozen mixed veggies.  I find it is a very convenient way to keep vegetables around for our dinners when recipes call for such.  And because I have become extremely frugal in all our grocery shopping, I want to buy the most economical friendly item.  But in all my searching, the absolute cheapest per-ounce bag I can find is the one that contains the very undesirable.  The lima bean.   I liken the experience of eating those little green pods them to biting into little morsels of mushy chalk (yuck!).  So I have a dilemma.  To buy the corn, carrots, and peas individually that I want in either fresh, canned, or frozen bag form would cost me much much more than I want to spend.  And when I weigh the misery of picking out the lima beans once they are on my plate against the joy of buying a cheaper food item (did I mention I was frugal), I feel I come out even.  

But last night, I had a solution! 

In starting this blog and going back through all the pictures we have on our computer to try to get life with our girls up to date and in one place (they have no baby book), I see picture after picture that captures Halle’s desire (actually, obsessive compulsiveness might better describe her actions here…) to sort things.   She absolutely loves it!  She must sort! She even pre-sorts her colors before starting her artwork.  When friends asked me what she would enjoy for her 4th birthday, I had to answer with responses like, “well…she really likes to just sort things.  Buttons, sea shells, beads, colors…anything.  No toy preference, just something she can sort.”  Advice was noted and that is exactly what many of her little peers got her.

My aha! moment came when I put two and two together.  One, I have a bag of vegetables with something I don’t like.  Two, I have a daughter who loves to sort.  Halle…I have something “fun” for you!  I really don’t think this was a manipulative tactic because her smile was huge when I told her about the opportunity to remove the lima beans for me.   Comments that followed were, “mom, that was such a great idea.  I really enjoyed that.” 


It won’t be long before I can put her to work/play on my kitchen drawers and cabinets.  There is much need for sorting to be done there.

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One Response to The Lima Bean Dilemma

  1. Tia says:

    I finally have gotten around to commenting– and all I can say is that I wish she had been around when I was a kid. I have puked up more half-chewed lima beans into my milk glass than ever actually made it into my tummy. Go Halle!

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