Potty Training 101

Every kid takes this learning course.  Some parents enroll their kids at an early age, like when they turn two.  But I had a very positive experience with Halle of “holding her back” a year till she was three.  And I was hoping for the same manner of quick graduation and enrollment in potty training 201 (no diapers at night) with Dee and Gracie.  But after this morning, those hopes are no longer with me as day 1 did not go as I had hoped… 

Because the girls turned 3 on Sunday, I decided it was time that we would officially start our first day of learning how to use the big-girl potty.  Some very flowery-princess-heart panties were picked out and put on.  Then each girl was given an m&m (those chocolaty treats were my learning incentive with Halle and I wanted to acquaint D&G right away with what would await them when they go to the bathroom in a potty and not their diapers).   But not two minutes had elapsed from sitting on the potty and swallowing their M&Ms, before I was interrupted in my breakfast-prep by this tiny sprinkling sound on the tile floor.  Uh-oh…Gracie!  Even though I was quite reassuring towards her that it was ok and not to worry, she was still sad and wanted a diaper on again.  Dee wanted to press on and in just minutes following, actually pee-peed in the potty.  Yeah for Dee! High-five, girl!!! You get an m&m!!! Of course, now Gracie wants to try again.  And because she HAD JUST WENT, I thought it would be safe to dress her with some new panties. The timer is set for 30 minutes and I am back to breakfast things. Interrupted again.  This time  it is Dee telling me ‘gracie got my arm wet.’   I swallow hard because I know they are not in the kitchen (on the tile) waiting for breakfast, they are in the den (with carpet and fabric-covered things that do not wipe clean).   Wondering what damage I will find, Dee leads me to the crime scene.   It is a hit and run incident because I see that the accident is on the couch but Gracie is on the floor, appearing oblivious to the fact that she had accident number two in less than 10 minutes of class start time.  What to do???   

After much deliberation about how I should proceed with the day, I decided to post pone the “official” start day for another time.   And it is typing this out now that I remember I didn’t put panties on Halle when I first started potty-training with her.  The timer was set for 30 minutes and each time it went off, we would take the DIAPER off and let her try on the potty.   OH! So that is why I remember having so few accidents!! It was because Halle had many successes of using a potty BEFORE we switched to panties.  Oh well…details details… And just like I will have many purchases that I am likely to call “the last box of diapers” before huggies and pampers are a thing of the past, there was never a chance that I would only have one “official start date.”

So the diapers went on, encouragements are offered for future success, and life goes on.  We’ll start again this weekend. Rob will be home and that way he can get a good glimpse into a new feat we are trying to achieve.

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One Response to Potty Training 101

  1. Tia says:

    Joooooo…. I love it!! Where have you been hiding this?? I promise not to tell– but I think that YOU should. It’s wonderful. Eli would love the pictures :)

    Love, Tia

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