another lake visit, our trip to Wisconsin

Let’s do it!  

It was really on a whim that we decided to use one of Rob’s 3 weeks of stored up vacation and journey north to Hartland, WI.  Trying to keep vacation costs to a minimum yet still seeking something we would all enjoy, a little bit of brainstorming helped us reach the decision to drive 19 hours for a week’s worth of retreat.  And oh was it ever worth every hour on the long long (very long) road trip! Our lodging was right on the water at “Auntie Susie’s place” on Beaver Lake.  Rob spent many childhood summers up there and it was so great to let the girls get to experience many of the same delights Rob had growing up.

Swimming, sailing, kayaking, boat rides,cruising around the lake, watching regattas, catching minnows and turtles, hanging out on the pier, chasing fireflies… they were never without something fun to do.   They were all so brave on the boats and in the water.   They loved jumping off the boat and the pier and had great big smiles when Rob and Susie would take them sailing.  Although Rob did “accidentally” tip D&G on the kayak one time and I had to earn their trust back for the next day’s ride (not nice, daddy!)  But that was probably the only tragic moment, the rest was absolute bliss and we will definitely make the drive again and again!

more Beaver Lake pictures

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