4th of July, weekend at the Lake

It’s been 4 years but we finally made it back to Livingston to stay at the lake house my grandfather built 30 years ago.  Lots of family; dad, stepmom, sisters, brother-in-laws, brother, his girlfriend, and the littlest of the bunch, my new nephew brayden.  It was a great time.  Halle, Dee, and Gracie did so well!  They braved the jet ski, the rope swing, and jumping off the dock.  And the uninviting murky, deep, brown livingston water didn’t bother them one bit (nor the dead catfish that would occasionally float by) .  The absolute best was on the last day, out on the boat.  They had a blast getting pulled around on this big ski tube and it was so fun watching them.  Rob took about 300 photos to capture the moment because it was hilarious seeing their big grins and excitement. 

The girls enjoyed the fireworks display in their own way.  Gracie stayed inside and watched Cars. Halle felt it best to have her fingers in her ears and then eventually went inside with her sister.  But Dee was down front and center all the while loving every bit of it.  

Dee never could get her terminology straight.  She kept telling us she wanted to go swimming in the “pool” with her “coat”.  “It’s called a lake, baby girl”  and we wear a “life jacket” were my constant corrections.  But to no avail, her own words prevailed and the correct nouns were never uttered.  Just like she likes to call my step mom, “grandpa”  and my dad, “that boy.”  Her manner of speech and grasp of concepts always keeps us smiling.

more Livingston pictures

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