HALLEisms 2007

Do you see the orange in the sunset?  You should always see orange, because the sun leaves a little bit of its color when it goes down.

Remember that day I swallowed that wheelbarrow?  I did.  A piece from our monopoly game is now gone forever.  

Everyone that is a little kid, go with mommy for your nap time.   Sometimes, Halle can be a help to me when it comes to rounding up the twins at nap time.  

I’m gonna call Dee a picker baby.  What’s that?  One that picks their nose.

Gracie and me had a talk, we talked about obeying.

Rats! Rats! Rats! At the moment, this is the extent of Halle’s 4 letter swearwords.  I hope it remains this limited for always…

Whining does not promote peace…and we don’t hit the air…and we don’t bite the air.

What’s that girl’s name?  Surprisingly, I answered this question with, “uh..you mean Gracie?”  Not until recently has Halle actually started calling her sisters by their real names.  Before that, they were usually referred to as “girl” or “sister.”   

I enjoy a light spanking.  Halle reminded that I needed to give her a spanking, for one of her actions earlier that day.  Because of her honesty, I chose to offer her a pardon with a spanking that was “lighter” than the usual consequence.  By her comment above, you can tell she appreciated the gesture.  

I can’t talk, I have food in my mouth.  Halle’s attempt to justify a delay in a question where I challenged some poor choices she had just made.

I want a house with no trash and no cactus. Rob’s new job in Austin meant we needed to move closer to his work.  Halle shared her criteria of what we should keep in mind as we shopped for a new place to live.  

No, I don’t need anymore. But, thanks for asking.  Halle’s very polite refusal to the question, “Can I blow you a kiss?” One that Nonnie had asked at the end of a phone call.

Dee!  You are NOT supposed to hit Gracie’s head!! I was telling her sternly like, you do.   After being eyewitness to an assault involving a toy hammer, Halle’s comment accomplished two things.  First, it pointed out inappropriate behavior.  And secondly, it gave credit to me as the example of a discipline style she chose to follow.  

Does that mean she wept?  Wanting to expand her vocabulary, Halle tested out a new word with a question to me, after Dee had been crying one time.  

Gum rhymes with fum.   Ask her what a fum is & she will point to her thumb.  Those “th” words still give her trouble sometimes. She’ll also tell you that “firty” starts with an “f” because that is how she says the word for 30.  

This is not ours. The tires are wrong.  I didn’t believe this comment could possibly be correct when I was trying to unlock a silver mini-van I thought was ours. But when I just couldn’t get the keys to fit AND I looked inside this stranger’s car, I finally had to agree with her.  Observant kid! 

I’d prefer…I didn’t realize…I’d rather…Is it true?   All opening statements my FOUR YEAR OLD chooses to start many of her sentences off with.  

I’m going to take a break from eating waffles, they are so big and it is harder for me to poop.   I tried to think if I felt the same way about any certain food.  Nope, nothing came to mind. 

Did you forget about needing to give me a spanking? I hope you forget.  Poor Halle, she just doesn’t realize that by asking her question out loud and vocalizing her hope, means it can never come true. 

The silly sunset, it’s all messed up and not together.   Halle’s sweet observation about the colors surrounding the sun as the day came to an end.

OK, then will YOU talk sternly and tell her to share?  After I told Halle only mommy could use the disciplinary tone with her sisters, she tried a different approach to get the message to her sister.  “Outsourcing” comments she as a child cannot make to an adult with the authority who can. 

When I have children, I am going to make a rule that says ‘No spanking.’  These are my questions and her answers that followed that declaration about her future parenting style:  What if they hurt you?  Well, that is fine.  What if they bite you?  Well, I’ll give them a spanking. I thought you said you had a rule about no spanking.   Well…when I get big, I’ll think about that

Daddy, can I run around naked? Let’s hope this request remains only around the time immediately following bath and that it definitely ceases before she turns 5!

Where is the number “1” pencil? She was noticing the number “2” on the pencil she was using and concluded that if she was using the number “2” pencil, then there should exist a number “1” pencil somewhere in the house. 

If I die, that is ok. I’ll just be with Jesus. Rats, I can no longer use the possibility of death as a reason to buckle up her seat belt.  She now sees it as a good thing.

We got to share. God says.  This is Halle’s line she uses when trying to coerce her sisters to give her something she wants. Mostly it works with Gracie, Dee just laughs and runs away with the goods.

I like corn on the bone.   For dinner one night, we were eating ribs and corncobs, both in much the same style.  So, of course it was natural to think that (like the meat) you eat the corn off the bone, too.

Nooooo! Children do not give other children spankings!!

A lot of people say, “You have your hands full” Every time I go to a store with all three kiddos, the same comments are said to me over and over again by folks passing by.  And Halle takes notice.

The toilet looks different if it doesn’t have the poop on it anymore.  OK, so I was a little behind in my household chores after we moved into the new home.  Halle’s comment revealed that she had taken notice of a pre-clean and post-clean potty. 

Help us to make good choices so we can get the blessings You want to give us.  Rob read from Deuteronomy, chapter 2 one night at our Bible time.  Halle’s prayer above immediately following the verses truly revealed how much she comprehended from what he said.

I have a rule that says my animals can eat their boogers.  Their tummies like boogers, they don’t have germs.  They are just pretend boogers, we got them at the booger store, the pretend booger store.   Too often, I have to tell Halle she should not eat her boogers.  It is really gross and boogers have germs, I say.  This is how she copes with that, she pretends her animals can do it and in her imaginary world, throws in a no-germ side effect. 

Let’s ask God about that. But, it will probably have to be when we die.  Halle had just asked the question, ‘how does the body heal itself?”  Before I needed to come up with an answer, she settled the matter herself.

Have a nice day, dad.  Try to be nice to your workers.  Halle always a farewell for Rob when he comes into to kiss her goodbye.  Another morning, she sent him off with this one. “Don’t fall off your ladder at work, dad. OK.”

How does the car know we are in Austin now?  After our move, Halle’s keen little mind noticed the radio announcers didn’t mention San Antonio anymore.  All weather and traffic updates were focused on our new home town instead.

That’s the owl restaurant, that’s an adult place.  And that’s all she has to say about that.  The restaurant called Hooters, that is. 

You know what is really really really healthy? French fries. Because they are baked.  I don’t recall ever having a conversation about the nutritional benefits of french fries??? But maybe this came out of a discussion about baked vs. fried foods.  Because she was really distraught when we purchased a deep fryer and told her we could actually “fry” the french fries instead of cooking them in the oven.  “Oh no! Then they won’t be healthy anymore!!!” she said.

Nooooo! I don’t want to be sold! She over heard me telling Rob about an event that would cost “$10 a kid.”  Halle knows we sell a lot of things on ebay, so maybe…she made that comment because she really thought she might be up for grabs with our next auction.   Don’t worry, we put her mind at rest IMMEDIATELY! 

The tree skin will hurt us.  That is how she expressed concern about taking her shoes off at a park where they use wood chips and bark as the ground covering. 

Let’s cut them in doses.  Instead of “in half,” this was Halle’s fun-Spanish-inspired way to request that our sandwiches be served in two pieces.  

Oh dear, she’s hatching it.  That is how Halle described a scenario with one of her sisters and the cracking of a hardboiled egg.   

’cause there’s not enough stores in this world?  That was Halle’s remark when I pointed out the location where Rob would be building a new shopping center.  

it’s just so beautiful …when can we eat it? Halle and Rob had just come back from Dove hunting.  It was while she was showing me the kill that she made her first comment on the bird’s appearance.  The following question came up when she was watching Rob ‘clean’ it by the sink.  You can bet that made Rob happy.  He might not have any boys yet, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take the little ladies hunting. 

We don’t believe in a calf right, we believe in God.  We don’t worship a calf, right?  I get many of these types of questions when we read stories from the old testament. She also asked me, “is it called ‘old’ because we had already read it?” 

clold – it means hurt or tired. Where did you learn that? I just figured it out.

While Halle was practicing some writing, these were some of her comments.  She drew a ‘b’ and a ‘d’ next to each other.  Look, they are talking.  Look the ‘a’ and the ‘n’ are dancing.  The ‘b’ and the ‘d’ are hugging.

oh, I am going to enjoy this.  Halle’s comment after I told her we would do some finger painting

how does a sea roar? A legit question, I think, from some lyrics in the song ‘Shout to the Lord’

I don’t want to have to waste a cookie.  Halle’s attempt to convince me she should get to eat the cookie Dee didn’t want at the store.  

These last Halleisms all were spoken during her reading lessons.  When she would read a stand-alone word, I would have her use it in a sentence (just to make sure I knew that she understood what she had just read).  These are all her original sentences she came up with following some of the words she read.

near: When we are getting closer and closer that means we are getting near

bit: uh, oh.  Dee bit Gracie.  We don’t like that word.

black: black has no colors

but: sometimes grandma calls my bottom ‘but‘ – yeah, she always does that

ever: This is not our real home, when we die we’ll go to heaven and live forever

more: like sometimes my sisters learn more.  Then she did the sign language hand motion for ‘more’

far: Tia lives far far away

gave: She gave me some popsicles and her name was Gammy

pain: one time, Dee’s tongue was in pain

part: parts of our body

nose: who knows Jesus?

note: I like to write notes

it: That idiot. But we don’t say that word.

yelled: Sometimes Daddy yells and he says, “JO!”

ten: You married nine years ago and nine is close to ten 

mop: Hey, I have a magazine with a mop. Note how her familiarization with a mop comes only from a magazine, and NOT something her mother uses…  

give: We give clothes away

hand: Jesus sits at the right hand of God

hope: Hope in the Lord

near: We don’t put things near our face

nose: We have boogers in our nose

same: My sisters are the same, they were born at the same time

sing: It is fun to sing, its how we worship

those:  but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;  they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31) 

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  1. JoAnna-these are hilarious!!! you really should publish a book of all Halle’s funny comments! You did a GREAT job on your website and I look forward to checking it!

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