HALLEisms 2006

Maybe we should put the sisters back in their beds.  They are not ready to be polite.  

Raise your hand if you think she has a poopy diaper.

“HALLE!” I hollered, “I don’t want to EVER see you standing on daddy’s guitar again!!”  She thought for a moment and then replied, “OK. . . maybe tomorrow,” then she hopped off.

Halle asked me, “Did the sun wake daddy up?”  “No,” I answered.  “It is still dark out.”  “Oh. . . did the dark wake daddy up?”            

 “This looks like baby food.”  Halle’s observation towards my first attempt at meatloaf.

Amad gives M&Ms and I don’t have to go poo poo.  During our poty training season, in this house, M&Ms were only rewarded for potty success stories.

“G. . . R. . . A. . . C. . .O” Halle spelled out every letter on Gracie’s pack-n-play and then said, “That is how you say ‘crib’ in Spanish.”

Are those daddy’s pool panties?  And no! Just to clarify, these weren’t speedos Halle was asking about.   Just an honest question about his swim shorts.  The word ‘panties’ is what made me giggle…

The rain made the sun pretty again.  That was so sweet.  That was so sweet of the rain. 

When I grow up and have my children, I am going to make a rule that says ‘No losing privileges.’

“Gracie is putting platypus in danger?” When I asked her why, Halle said, “She might spit up on him.”

“Let’s call them Uno and Dos.”   Halle had a new idea on how to address Dee and Gracie.

I love Tia.  She calls me her doodlebug.

I don’t call him my folk, I just call him Rob sometimes.  And I call you Jo.

“Can I see your bones?”  Halle’s request throughout the day when I came home with an x-ray of my hand.

I’m thankful for sprinkles that mommy says I can’t have.

Is that wine?  Is that your medicine? Halle asked that because I told her wine makes mommy feel better. . .

In Spanish, you say “bors bavor.”  That is the magic word.

And remember Uncle Derek. . .he let me fall under the desk. . . that was not a good thing. . .to throw people under desks

“Is that to cover your bottom?”  Halle’s truly innocent question about the wrap I put on over my swimsuit.

I told Halle, “Brazil starts with a ‘B’.”  Then she added, “And boogers start with a ‘B’ too. . . the ones you pull out of your nose.” 

“Bye! I hope you don’t crash your truck!!”  Halle’s very cordial farewell she shouted while waving cheerfully to Rob when he left for a hunting trip.

It’s a special treat when we don’t eat pork and get ice cream.  It’s a very special treat.

Let’s go back home, the girls are getting restless.

“It’s not good for eating.”  Halle stated that while holding a tube of lipstick.  Once again displaying her discernment concerning important truths in life. 

In an attempt to justify why she was taking a few of her sisters’ pillows from their room, Halle very innocently told me, “Dee and Gracie are letting me borrow these, ok.”

“Did you go and it didn’t turn green?”  Halle’s inquiry as to why I stopped only briefly at an intersection with a blinking red light.

“You are going too fast in a school zone.” An accusation from Halle while I was driving one day (Only THREE! and already a back-seat driver. . .)

Dad, the law says you can’t go too fast.

I am thankful for the things that make Grandma and Grandpa happy and don’t make them die.  Amen.

“I am tired of sitting,” I said with a sigh.  Halle’s counsel back to me was:  “Well. . . if you are tired of sitting, you should lie down.”

Good recovery!” Halle’s praise to Dee when she dropped her cup, but picked it back up before it fell off the table.

“It really frustrated me when daddy took the stroller out of the car.  He made a poor choice.”  Surprisingly, it was Halle that said that. . . not mommy.

My tummy says it’s ready for dinner, but my body says it will wait for daddy to come home.

Oh, I need to bite my toe nails, they are getting longer (and that is what she did. . .)

Rob, be sure to keep both hands on the wheel.

The Brian at Grandma and Grandpa’s house doesn’t wear diapers, he just wears panties like me.

They made a ‘torrible’ cry.  Halle’s new word for something that is both terrible and horrible (like the screeching sound that is heard when Dee & Gracie are fighting!) 

“We don’t swallow gum,” I explained to Halle.  “Uh-huh,” she agreed.  “And we don’t swallow bath tubs either.”

“Can we scissor this?”  A question Halle asked when she wanted a tag removed from a pair of socks. 

As I was leaving to go out with some friends, I told Halle, “You obey daddy.”  Wanting to offer me some parting words as well, Halle said, “OK, and you obey God.”

“Why won’t this person let me over?” I asked while I was frustrated at one unyielding driver.  Halle offered her reasoning on the situation by saying, “Maybe he was a dentist or something. . .”

Let’s call the mini-van ‘M.V.’  and let’s call gymnastics ‘G.N.’ 

When I turn four, that is when I will like spinach.

“Uh-oh! We are short a baby,” I exclaimed. “We have a short baby?” was Halle’s very cute response.

While stopping in Austin after a Dallas trip, Tia asked Halle how Gammy was.  And she very matter-of-factly said, “She’s older.”  

Brushing my teeth one time, Halle asked, “Is that so your teeth don’t turn yellow?” I guess that shows I often talk about the consequences coffee has on your teeth. . .

Halle picked up a feather on the porch and while marveling with discovery said “A piece of bird”

Because she had never been to Chuck E. Cheese, I told Halle there would be fun games there.  Her idea of games prompted her to ask, “Like monopoly?”

Dee can climb to the top of Halle’s play kitchen!  So Rob made the comment, “I think she will be a rock climber.”  Sweet, literal Halle corrected him by saying, “No. . .she will be a kitchen climber.”

While watching Rob trim branches once, Halle remarked, “Look at him cutting. He’s so strong and nice to cut them.  He’s using silver pliers.”

I want to save money in my piggy bank.  To flewed to London to see Grandma and Grandpa.  

Airplanes are good things, baby Dee.  You don’t have to be scared.

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