July 20, 2005

6:00 am  – Arrive at hospital.  Mind is filled with lots of mixed emotions.  Nervousness and fear – have heard all the stories of complications that can happen with delivery and all the possible pain!  Joy and excitement – time is near! – I will finally get to meet and hold and see my girls!!  Go up to labor and delivery.  I am the only patient there. “Yes, I am the one about to have two twin girls” …”Yes, there is one little girl already at home”… “Ha ha, yes, that will make three girls.”  Rob throws in his usual comments about his penance and having three polished shot guns.  It never gets old to me and all the nurses get a laugh.

7:00 am– All settled in a labor and delivery room.   Everything is in place to monitor contractions, my heart beat, and babies’ heart beats.  Doctor comes in to break my water and the pitocin starts dripping through the IV.  Now we just wait… 

8:00 am – In a VERY giddy state. Everything is funny – even the contractions.  TV gets turned on to pass the time.  ‘Tommy Boy’ is playing.  A funny movie, yes – but, with all the emotions, today it seems to be the most hysterical thing ever.  I laugh so hard, tears are flowing down.  By the way, every laugh shows up as a huge contraction on the monitor – the nurse has to ignore those.  She is thinking what a very strange girl! Rob has known this since we first met, but this moment just reinforces that and makes him laugh, too. 

10:30 am – Anesthesiologist gives the epidural.  Much, much stronger than the one I had with Halle.  The room spins around for almost an hour.  I start rambling to the nurse about all sorts of “important” life topics (“Don’t you think RC is the best cola ever!” and “Such a shame they are so hard to find at gas stations these days”).   Rob isn’t quite so happy anymore.   My “cocktail” (as he calls the epidural) is a little too strong for his likings.  He watches the monitor – my heart rate and blood pressure go down and the girls’ heart rates drop, too.  I feel the opposite.  A complete peace.  I drift in and out of sleep until…

1:00 pm – It is time!  Wheeled into the operating room (all moms of multiples deliver there – just in case…).  Welcomed by blaring 80s music, 5 or 6 labor and delivery nurses, two OB/GYN doctors, the anesthesiologist, and two nursery nurses.   Lots of laughing again.  Somewhere between “I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You” and “Material Girl”, two precious babies come into the world.  

1:31 pm – DeAnna Jackie (Dee) was born.  6lbs 2oz, 18 ½ inches long.  She is placed on my tummy for a quick second before she is rushed to another side of the room.  

1:44 pm – Grace Lee (Gracie) was born.  5lbs 9oz ,19 ¼ inches long.  Another quick moment with this daughter and then she is taken away, too.  

2:00 pm – Back in the labor and delivery room.  In awe that there were NO complications, no pain, and NOTHING from the delivery to recover from.   Countless blessings from God.  I am overwhelmed.  Get to hold and nurse Gracie.  Dee is getting special attention from a nurse.  She is a little cold and needs to be taken to the nursery.  Gracie leaves shortly, too.  Rob goes to find food.  I am left alone for the first time that day.  And now… at the end of a new beginning, I have nothing but thoughts of thankfulness and praise for my amazing Gracie and wonderful Dee. 

Oh, and to try to answer the biggest question I have been receiving…..  Identical or Fraternal??  Don’t know yet.  The placenta is “sent off” somewhere. The results will let us know.   A few similarities show between Gracie and Dee.  Same dimple on the left cheek, same hair line.  But, they are still so new to the world.  Both have that puffy, pink, goofy newborn look to them – but they are still just absolutely perfect and beautiful at the same time.

Meet Dee and Gracie!

Rob with one of them (?? on which one)

Jo with the other one

My “little” Halle (as she has been over the last 2 1/2 years) doesn’t seem so little anymore

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One Response to twins!

  1. ritzvalle says:

    i never thought about the “fraternal vs identical” issue…:) glad you posted back to this. It’s a great post.

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